American Farmer Chooses Estes Performance Concaves as Innovation Leader.

American Farmer is all about the farmer and they have selected Estes Performance Concaves as one of the most innovated farm products, helping farmers worldwide put more grain in their tank and with unprecedented ROI.

AgPhd Hefty Brothers Upgrade Their Combine With RPR Concaves.

AgPhd’s Brian and Darren Hefty upgrade their concaves on their Case IH 9120 combines and see cleaner grain samples, more capacity, and no rotor loss. The Hefty Brothers displayed their new concaves at their AgPhd Field Day 2017 to over 10,000 farmers. We couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with such fine gentlemen, farmers, and company.

The Most Advanced Concaves On The Market Are Available Now!

Rotor loss in Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Milo, Canola, and all other crops happens on all rotor combines because of an over-loaded separation section. The new Estes RPR Thrashing/Separating System will STOP the rotor loss in all crops. RPR Systems are available for all Case-IH & John Deere Rotor Combines.

One Concave System for All Crops.

The new Estes RPR Thrashing/Separating concave System has addressed all of Thrashing-Separating Issues. The new system has a patented round bar with a notch milled in it to restrict the crop flow and force material to rub on material. Then the bars are placed progressively open to ensure more crop flow through the concave system. The flow was increased significantly. This is all followed up by the placing of the 7 Disrupter lugs (14 cutting edges) into your existing separating grates to finish the separation operation.

Proven To Increase Crop Yield And Eliminate Rotor Loss.

We introduced “The Disrupter” (14 lugs bolted into the two front separation grates) in the summer of 2010 and the response was tremendous! (Disrupter lugs cut up corn shucks, green bean stems, & wheat straw). They have over 2,500 sets of Disrupters in operation, but the rotor loss problem still exists with all STS & new S series machines & also the Case-IH rotor machines when ground speed is increased. However, the new Estes RPR Concaves have addressed all these issues and completely eliminate rotor loss in all crops, putting more money in your pocket.

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