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combine concaves upgrade

Dealer installs them even on new machines

I put them in my 9760 two seasons ago. Definitely an improvement in my opinion over the round bar concaves. Really does a nice job in beans with one cover plate on. Able to run the rotor slower in corn and keep more of it in the machine. Built heavier than the round bars too. Kinda pricey but I think I’d do it again. Convinced me when I found out local Deere dealer takes new round bars out and installs XPR’s on a big percentage of new machines.

Amazing how well they did

Running them in 2188 with disrupter kit. Really like them in both corn and beans. Run two plates with the 2in cut back on the far plate for beans. Does great in corn. Have a buddy put them in green machine and loves them. No rotor loss after he added them (his words not mine) and this is compared to OEM. Yes u will still get a kernal or two. Would buy them again no problem. Also got unlucky and picked up a rock last year. Amazing how well they did. Hardly bent at all.

Losses really dropped off

I ran XPR system in my 9770 along with disruptors. Losses really dropped off on corn and helped allot on green beans. I wouldn’t run anything but XPRs. Will be putting it in my new s670 as well. Just my opinion.

Third season with them

I second them as well. Third season with them, still pleased. I seem to make fewer adjustments to get things right as compared to the JD setups.

John Deere guys are flocking to XPR

I run the same setup, 3 round bars and a large wire. Pretty happy with it. The John Deere guys around here are sure flocking toward Estes XPR system.

Very minimal rotor loss

We put 3 XPR concaves and disrupters in our 9760 and we are finding a lot less fines and very minimal rotor loss. We dry our own corn in bin dryers and a batch dryer and have seen a reduction in fines.

Love them

Got them, second season 2188. Been great love them. Heavy duty.

Not having to change concaves is a big plus

I run them in corn, milo, and Soybeans. They work well plus not having to change concaves is a big plus. We cut the back 2 inches of the cover plate off I order to let some beans out of the rotor faster. His cover plates now have an adjustable section so you can let some grain out faster. This is on a Case flagship combine

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