Important Return Dates:

Estes Performance Concaves products (“Product”) may be returned if the request is submitted within 30 days of the invoice. Return requests submitted within 30 days of the invoice date will be processed with a 25% restocking fee. After 30 days from the invoice date, Product is not allowed for return and credit. Estes Performance Concaves will pay for shipping. Customer is responsible for palletizing and securing Product onto pallet. Returns will be processed and account will be credited within 30 business days once Product has been received by Estes Performance Concaves.

In Good Faith Condition:

All customers must make a “diligent” or “good faith” effort to use the Product as recommended by Estes Performance Concaves and its employees advice. All customers must speak with an Estes Performance Concaves’ employee with a “good faith” effort to follow their recommendations and advice. Many of the recommended settings and configurations made by Estes Performance Concaves and its employees are non-traditional and uncommon in nature relative to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as the Product are engineered differently than OEM parts.

Failure to make a “diligent” or “good faith” statement of use according to Estes Performance Concaves recommendations will result in forfeiture of full credit amount. No credit will be provided in the case of customers that cannot show a good faith effort or furnish a statement in lieu thereof, to comply with the recommendations provided by Estes Performance Concaves or its employees.

Return Product Condition:

All returns from customers must be clean and able to be resold (i.e. without damage or blemish). All returned items will be inspected by Estes Performance Concaves to determine their condition and eligibility for credit. Estes Performance Concaves reserves the right to adjust the credit amount or issue a higher restocking charge for items that are not resalable. Special order, drop ship and discontinued Product are not returnable.

Important Information

Component Products of kits may not be returned for credit. Whole, entire Product kits may be returned. If a component Product of a kit is defective, it may be returned to receive a warranty replacement.

In the case of warranty replacement Product being shipped to you, your account will be charged for the Product at the time that replacement Product is shipped. Once we receive the defective Product back, and verify that it is indeed warrantable, we will credit your account to make the balance of the transaction $0.00. Estes Performance Concaves will cover ground freight on shipment of the replacement warranty Product.

Once Product leaves Estes Performance Concaves facility (FOB shipping point – our dock) the Product is owned by the buyer; therefore, any damages to the Product are the buyer’s responsibility. Any claim for shortages must be made within 14 days of receipt of shipment.