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Concaves for Combines

You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars planting and half a year nurturing your crops for maximum yield, only to spit it out the back of the combine? Every rotor combine loses between 3-5 bushels per acre at $9 soybeans that’s $30k per 1000 acres. Rotor loss is the result of an overloaded separator. The separator becomes overloaded with excess grain that was unable to escape in the concave section. Stock combine concaves simply lack the capacity to separate and capture grain quick enough.


Our XPR concaves STOP all rotor loss. Our concaves thresh better and our system is progressively open. This means we thresh the grain sooner so we are able to get the grain down onto the augers sooner and with this increased capacity eliminate overloading the separation section. Lastly, we have developed an Xtreme separation grate that gets the crop mat disrupted to capture any loose grain that would otherwise be lost out the back.

Stock round bar combine concaves work well in that they rarely plug, and therefore can be “universally” used across crops and conditions, but the rotor loss and grain damage in corn is unacceptable. Stock small wire combine concaves work well in that they thresh small grains well, but they are very closed and lack capacity to get threshed grain out. Our combine concaves are the best of all worlds, no plugging, no rotor loss, no tailings, more capacity, less grain damage and significantly better sample. 


Every part of our concave system is engineered with purpose. Our bars have more threshing surface area to thresh even the smallest grains; yet, still have the capacity to get the grain out. We force more grain-on-grain threshing and run a slower rotor and more open concave giving, resulting in superior grain quality. No more cracks, splits and broken cobs. Our XPR concaves work in ALL CROPS so no more changing concaves and they last 3x longer than your stock combine concaves. The performance and return on our concave system is phenomenal and why we are the #1 concave of choice.  





The XPR Concave System is engineered to thresh more effectively by forcing material-0n-material threshing. No more having to run the rotor tight and fast to get crop threshed. Once threshed, our Xtreme separator grate gets any remaining loose grain out of the chaff before lost out the back. 

combine concaves xpr


The concave system is progressively open. We thresh more effectively and sooner, so progressively open enables us to unload the concave quicker. By getting significantly more threshed grain out in the concave section we prevent overloading the separator and cleaning system, so no more grain is spit out the back. 

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The round bars on our XPR concave system thresh better with less grain damage while also not plugging. We are open enough to get the threshed grain out and so that material other than grain doesn’t pack down and plug the concave. It’s a win-win.

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