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    The XPR2 concave is the ultimate combine investment, with unmatched ROI. With unrivaled capacity, grain quality, and fuel efficiency, the XPR2 is the #1 combine investment you can make. The XPR2 is the undeniable choice for those seeking the pinnacle of combine performance.kondex concave for john deere combines.


    Our patented bar does what other bars can’t, thresh hard-threshing wheat and high-moisture corn without broken cobs, white caps, foreign material and a bin full of fines. Elevate your harvest game and secure your position at the top with the unbeatable advantages of the XPR2.


    The Estes XPR2 combine concave is the #1 choice of top producers due to its unparalleled performance. With unmatched efficiency, superior results, and proven reliability, it sets the standard for combine performance, ensuring optimal harvests for top crop producers across the globe.

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    NO RECONFIGURING CONCAVES. NO BANDS. Don’t be fooled, many claim to be all crop concaves BUT are not, they require reconfiguring concaves or adding covers / bands when going from wheat to corn or green pod beans, for example. With the Estes XPR2 concaves, you can go from crop-to-crop conveniently and without downtime. There is only one true all crop concave.

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    ANY BAR.



    XPR2 PATENTED BAR. The XPR2 bar is threshing-edge™ innovation surpassing all other concaves with 250% more effective threshing surface area than the competition.


    SUPERIOR threshing in wheat and small grains than small wires with LESS FM & white caps for the ultimate sample.  Up to 200% MORE capacity than round bars in corn WITHOUT the fines and rotor loss. In soybeans and edible beans, the XPR2 threshes with a slower rotor and provides unbeatable grain quality FEWER splits & dockage. XPR2 bar is the ultimate concave for maximizing efficiency and performance.



    UPGRADE YOUR COMBINE A CLASS. Thinking about upgrading to a John Deere S780 from a S770? Or a Case IH 8250 from a 7250? No need to finance the farm for a new combine, just install a set of XPR 2 concaves.


    MORE HORSEPOWER. MORE CAPACITY. CLEANER SAMPLE. With the XPR 2 concaves see a ~35% increase in horsepower and a 70-200% increase in capacity. With just the XPR 2 concave system you will run circles around your neighbors with OEM concaves and larger machines. The performance increase not just for your combine from horsepower to capacity to grain quality and versatility is unmatched.

    aftermarket combine concaves all crop

    #1 AFTERMARKET CONCAVE FOR JOHN DEERE & CASE IH.  Our team’s extensive knowledge has led us to develop the most advanced concave system on the market. We believe in constant innovation, challenging the status quo, and refining even the smallest nuances to provide our farmers with nothing but the best.


    Experience the difference with the Estes XPR2 combine concave. As the top choice of crop producers worldwide, it delivers unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability, setting the standard for combine excellence. Unleash increased capacity, minimal dockage, enhanced storability, and unmatched fuel efficiency. Elevate your harvest game and secure your position at the top with the unbeatable advantages of the XPR2.

    Don’t Settle For Less, There’s Only One Estes XPR 2 Concave®.

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