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Aftermarket Combine Concaves

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    Introducing Estes XPR3 Concaves! 


    NEW! ALL Crop Concave – NO Covers, NO Bands, NO Changing/Swapping Any Concaves. Try That With Any Other Concave.


    Unleash Your Harvest Potential. Are you ready to revolutionize your farming experience and boost your harvest yields like never before? Look no further than the all-new Estes XPR3 Combine Concaves – the game-changer in precision harvesting™. #1 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines just got better. If They Aren’t XPR 3 – They Aren’t Estes Concaves®



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    #1 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines. Did you know every rotor combine loses 3-5 bu/acre? That’s $30,000 on the ground, year-after-year, on 1,000 acres of soybeans. But there is good news with our XPR Threshing / Separating Concave System – The BEST money you will EVER spend on your combine. Exclusively Sold Here.


    • PERFORATED Cover Plates
    • NO Changing Concaves
    • STOP Rotor Loss
    • 70% MORE Capacity
    • ELIMINATE Fines, Cracks & Splits
    • 2-3 MPH Faster Ground Speed
    • 5000+ Bushels/Hr
    • NO MORE Whitecaps & Pods


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Showing all 2 results

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