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RPR Concave System


All rotors lose between 2-5 bushels / acre. Rotor loss in Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Milo, Canola, and all other crops happens on all rotor combines because of an over-loaded separation section. The new Estes RPR Thrashing/Separating System will STOP the rotor loss in all crops.


We introduced “The Disrupter” (14 lugs bolted into the two front separation grates) in the summer of 2010 and the response was tremendous! (Disrupter lugs cut up corn shucks, green bean stems, & wheat straw). They have over 2,500 sets of Disrupters in operation, but the rotor loss problem still exists with all STS & new S series machines & also the Case-IH rotor machines when ground speed is increased. The rear concave in John Deere Rotor machines is not large enough nor opens enough to get crop through without sacrificing a lot of ground speed. Corn, Soybeans & Wheat thrash completely over the first 1 &1/ 2 round bar concaves, but very little separation will happen over the back half of the concave sections due to the small space (5/8”) between the remaining round bars.


The new Estes RPR Thrashing/Separating concave System has addressed all of Thrashing-Separating Issues.

The new system has a patented round bar with a notch milled in it to restrict the crop flow and force material to rub on material. Then the bars are placed progressively open to ensure more crop flow through the concave system. The flow was increased by 68%. This is all followed up by the placing of the 7 Disrupter lugs :(14 cutting edges) into your existing separating grates to finish the separation operation.

  • Maximize Capacity
  • More Profitability
  • Better Threshing
  • Reduced Rotor Wear
  • Increase Yield
  • Eliminate Rotor Loss
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Faster Harvesting
  • #1 Concave System


  • John Deere STS Series
  • John Deere S Series
  • Case IH Flagship Series
  • Case IH 88 Series


  • CORN – Thrash & Separate – 50 BU to 300 BU (wet & dry) NO ROTOR LOSS UP TO 5 MPH


  • SOY BEANS – Thrash & Separate  (green stem or dry) NO ROTOR LOSS


  • WHEAT – Thrash & Separate (excellent sample) NO ROTOR LOSS


  • POP CORN – Thrash & Separate (excellent test) NO ROTOR LOSS


  • RYE GRASS – Thrash & Separate  (even 5 feet tall) NO ROTOR LOSS


  • ALL CROPS – Increase capacity


All rotors lose 2-5 bushels / acre
1000 acres = $20,000.00 *
*assuming corn $4/bushel
rpr concave system
rpr concaves 88
rpr concave 3
rpr concave system 5


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