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    XPR vs RPR Concaves


    NEW! XPR concaves are not RPR concaves, they’re BETTER. Sure your grandpa can use them, he will never have to change them out. And you will put more money in his pocket with that extra couple thousands of bushels you will put in the grain tank. In short, you will probably be the new favorite grandchild.


    XPR Concaves are for ALL crops. They STOP rotor loss in all crops. They thresh all crops WITHOUT tailings and unthreshed heads. ELIMINATE cracks, splits and broken kernels. Run your rotor slower. Increase your ground speed. Go from corn to beans to wheat all with ONE set of concaves. Just pop-on cover plates and go.


    The new XPR Concave System has addressed all of threshing-separating issues farmers face today. As well as all the problems with the RPR system.


    The RPR Concave System does great in restricting the flow of crop, BUT it has often fallen short in small and hard-to-thresh grains like wheat. Our XPR concave bars boast 117% MORE effective threshing surface area than RPR concaves for threshing small grains and hard to thresh crops COMPLETELY without tailings, whitecaps and cracked grain often experienced with the RPR system. In addition, our XPR concaves are engineered to retard and slow the flow of crop for maximum grain-on-grain threshing meaning you can run your rotor slower and more open resulting in SUPERIOR grain quality. The system is also significantly more open so vastly more threshed grain is unloaded in the concave section, preventing an overloaded separator. In short, the XPR concave system threshes FASTER and captures SOONER.


    Additionally, the RPR Concave System’s disruptors perform great as an internal straw chopper. BUT in wheat, they chop the wheat straw up too finely and make it difficult setting the fan without blowing out wheat seed. Plus, they are a PAIN to install and worse than changing concaves when having to remove them for small grains.


    Nothing beats our XPR’s separation grate when it comes to capturing loose grain caught up in chaff and MOG. Our Xtreme separation grate’s fingers do an unbeatable job interrupting, fluffing and tossing the crop mat to capture any loose grain before being spit of the back of the combine lost. PLUS, our separation fingers DO NOT pulverize wheat straw or get knocked out like the RPR disrupters. This means no need to add or remove those pesty and irritating “disruptors” when transitioning from wheat to any other crop. SUPERIOR separation and NO downtime means MORE money and valuable harvest time.


    Lastly, our XPR cover plates are perforated so that grain is evenly distributed onto the augers as it’s threshed. There is no more problem of overloading one side of the auger with grain that happens with the RPR concave’s adjustable cover plates. Our cover plates prolong grain-on-grain threshing while keeping excess trash out so you have a clean grain tank.

    • Thresh ALL Crops
    • NO Cracks & Splits
    • MORE Capacity
    • FASTER Ground Speed
    • ELIMINATE Rotor Loss
    • NO Tailings & Pods
    • SLOWER Rotor Speed
    • INCREASE Horsepower
    • NO Disruptor Headaches


    • John Deere STS Series
    • John Deere S Series
    • Case IH Flagship Series
    • Case IH 88 Series




    • Corn $4.09 / BU


    • Soybeans $10.49 / BU


    • Wheat $5.43 / BU


    3 BU / ACRE

    x $10.49 SOYBEANS

    x 1000 ACRES

    $31,470 LOST


    How much would you pay for an extra 3,000 BU in your bin?  $31,470 to be exact.



    The XPR Concave System is a FRACTION of the cost of what you’re throwing out the back AND it pays you YEAR-AFTER- YEAR. It’s a no-brainer.


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    rpr concaves xpr
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