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XPR 2 Concaves,

NONE Outperform.


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    How much money are you losing? Every second you operate with your factory concaves you are throwing money out the back. Rotor loss in corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, canola, and all other crops happens on all rotor combines because of an over-loaded separation section, but there is good news.

    The new Estes Concave XPR System STOPS rotor loss in all crops meaning more money in your pocket rather than lost in the field. Best of all, our concave system pays for itself and fast. NO dealers. Sold EXCLUSIVELY here.

    More Profitability
    Superior Grain Quality
    Faster Ground Speed

    No Other Concaves
    Outperform Guaranteed.

    aftermarket combine concaves all crop

    #1  Performance Concave System for John Deere & Case IH – Guaranteed. With years of combined knowledge we have developed the most advanced concave system on the market with unbeatable performance. We believe that when you stop innovating you start dying so everyday we challenge the status-quo and continually look to improve even the smallest of nuances of our technologies to ensure our farmers only get the best, period. ℗ Patents Pending. All Rights Reserved.

    We’re not just a combine parts shop or some big manufacturer. We’re a family owner business who cares about each and every customer we serve and are dedicated to seeing you be successful.


    Our patent pending technology outperforms all other performance concaves on the market. None give you a better return on your investment and faster than our concave system. Farmers across the world agree we’re the best there is, and we’re confident you will too.




    ONLY on the XPR Concave System. ONLY sold exclusively here. Forget the days of back-breaking work and time changing concaves with XPR concaves.

    One Concave, All Crops. Our cover plates allow you to go from wheat to corn without changing concaves. Add covers plates when doing small grains or hard threshing crops, remove cover plates when doing corn or easy threshing crops.

    If They’re NOT XPR 2, They’re NOT Estes Concaves®

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