What is Concave in Combine Harvester?

Combine concave has been a crucial component in shaping modern agriculture. The introduction of this device meant that farmers no longer needed to work as hard, which fruitful resulted into an increase on their productivity by over 85%. Combine harvesters revolutionized modern agriculture because they allowed farmers to do more with less manpower. In the […]

Why Farmers Should Switch To Case IH Combine?

The comfort of the operator along with productivity improvement serves as the two new highlights of the latest Axial-Flow 140 case IH combine series. The product is accompanied by significant updates and innovative features. Apart from continuing the tradition of providing the most superior harvesting as well as threshing performance, the new series comprises of […]

How Case IH Combine Meet Farming Challenges?

The Case IH Combine Is Based On Latest Automated Technology Some of the most common challenges faced by the combine harvester are producing high-yielding crops, ever-changing weather conditions and constant pressure posed to become more efficient than ever before. The latest automated combine is based upon modern harvesting technology. The axial flow series of the […]

How Threshing Grains Made Easy With Combine?

Brief Overview about Threshing Process Threshing is the most important procedure taking place all throughout the working mechanism of the combine harvester, once the crops are gathered. It is the separation of the grain from the rest of the crop. This particular task is achieved through the suitable and most appropriate adjustment between the combine […]

John Deere’s Combine Tractors

John Deere supplies combine tractors harvesting equipment in diverse factories worldwide, as well as licensing or forming partnerships to produce and sell. Therefore, It is the biggest company in farming equipment and a leading provider of combine tractors. How Do Combine Tractors Usually Work? Modern combine tractors perform everything effortlessly. Farmers probably drive them around […]

How To Increase Yield & Stop Rotor Loss?

The life of the farmer has become easier today. This is because of the technological advancement of farming equipment. So they no longer have to work manually. Instead of that, they can utilize the latest and most advanced combine, concave model. Since, this particularly advanced machinery is operational with the embedded conveyor system and thus, […]