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How To Setup Combine Advisor

Combine Advisor works extremely well with the XPR and XPR2 concave system. Many John Deere S770, S780 and S790s are equipped with Combine Advisor. In testing we have found Combine Advisor to make 10x fewer combine changes than with OEM concaves while running 2x the Performance Target. If you have never run Combine Advisor before, we highly encourage you to run it with the XPR and XPR2 concaves.

Here is how we suggest setting up and running Combine Advisor if your combine is so equipped.

1. Set Performance Target @12-19 Corn | @13-20 Beans | @23-29 Wheat
2. Set Max Ground Speed at 8 MPH
3. Set Target Max Engine Load 110%
4. Leave All Sensitivities in The Middle
5. Let Combine Advisor Go To Work

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