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How To Setup Harvest Command


Harvest Command works extremely well with the XPR and XPR2 concave system. Harvest Command is available on 50 Series Case IH Combines, namely Case IH 7250, 8250, 9250 series. In testing we have found Harvest Command to perform significantly better in both grain quality and capacity than with OEM concaves.  If you have never run Harvest Command before, we highly encourage you to run it with the XPR and XPR2 concaves.


Here is how we suggest setting up and running Harvest Command if your combine is so equipped. With the Sensitivities, you must tell the machine what you are seeing. Increase the number when you want to eliminate the problem you are seeing.


1. Select Strategy
2. Set Max Ground Speed at 8 MPH
3. Set Target Max Engine Load 105%
4. Set Sensitivities
5. Set Initial Settings

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