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Installing Case Flagship Disruptors

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. The Disrupter lugs install in only 3 of the 4 skip wire inserts.

2. Two on the right side of the combine and front one on the left side of the combine.

3. Remove 3 skip wire inserts and place them on the left side of the combine placing them exactly the way they were removed

from combine.

4. Place three disrupters in each of the three inserts as shown in picture provided.

5. The end of the ¾ x ¾ bar is the cutting edge. Disrupters are built so that you have 4 cutting edges available just by turning them over and around.

6. The bolt must go down through the countersunk hole from the top and the nut attaches to the flat side of bar.

Same Directions for All Flagship Case I-H Combines.


  • (torque 35ft #s)
  • You must use rice bars on all specialty & AFX rotors!
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