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John Deere Concaves

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    IN STOCK! XPR 2 The BEST just got BETTER. Good is the enemy of great. There is no finish line, no we’ve arrived, no resting on the successes of yesterday.  We have taken the #1 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines. If They Aren’t XPR 2 – They Aren’t Estes Concaves®


    • ONE Concave ALL CROPS
    • 30% More Horsepower
    • SUPERIOR Threshing
    • Extended-Wear Bars
    • 70% MORE Capacity
    • STOP Rotor Loss
    • 2-3 MPH Faster Ground Speed
    • ELIMINATE Fines, Cracks & Splits
    • Up To 7500 Bushels/Hr
    • SEED Quality Sample
    • PERFORATED Cover Plates
    • NO More Whitecaps & Pods
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    XPR2 – #1 Concave for John Deere combines. You will quickly see why the world’s top farmers and producers, from food grade corn to seed soybeans to milo, wheat and sunflowers – to name just a few – use XPR2 John Deere Concave System for their operation. It the BEST money you will EVER spend on your John Deere combine. 


    • ONE Concave ALL CROPS
    • STOP Rotor Loss
    • ELIMINATE Cracks, Splits & Fines
    • 7000+ Bu/Hr (S790)
    • 2-3 MPH Faster Ground Speed
    • NO MORE Whitecaps
    • LESS Fuel Usage
    • MORE Horsepower
    • 200% More Capacity (S790)


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Showing all 2 results

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