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XPR 2 Concaves™

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IN STOCK! XPR 2 The BEST just got BETTER. Good is the enemy of great. There is no finish line, no we’ve arrived, no resting on the successes of yesterday.  We have taken the #1 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines. If They Aren’t XPR 2 – They Aren’t Estes Concaves®


  • ONE Concave ALL CROPS
  • 30% More Horsepower
  • SUPERIOR Threshing
  • Extended-Wear Bars
  • 70% MORE Capacity
  • STOP Rotor Loss
  • 2-3 MPH Faster Ground Speed
  • ELIMINATE Fines, Cracks & Splits
  • Up To 7500 Bushels/Hr
  • SEED Quality Sample
  • PERFORATED Cover Plates
  • NO More Whitecaps & Pods
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XPR 2 built upon the tremendous success of the first-gen XPR bringing you even better threshing, more capacity, less grain damage and extended-wear threshing bars for greater life and value. New heavier, beefier 3/8″ Xtreme separation grate. Now we can’t tell you exactly what we did, as much as John Deere and Case IH would love it, what we can tell you is that the performance of the XPR 2 is far superior than anything we have tested against. Go from hard-threshing wheat with picture perfect samples to 30% moisture corn with no cracks or splits, all in the same day. The XPR 2 are straight phenomenal.



Just like the first-gen, the XPR 2 bar is uniquely engineered to maximize threshing contact with crop and to keep your rotor full so that it threshes like small-wire concaves but with the capacity of round-bar concaves. You can’t thresh high-moisture corn with small wires, they will plug plus your rotor loss will be tremendous as they don’t have the capacity you need in corn. You can’t thresh hard-threshing wheat or other cereal grains with round bar concaves, the crop material simply falls through the concave before it’s threshed. The XPR 2 concaves with covers installed thresh hard-threshing wheat and cereal grains better than small wires as the covers hold the crop in the threshing action until its completed threshed and without white-caps. In wet corn, you no longer have to run your rotor so tight and fast which leads to grain damage. In tough beans, you can open your concave and slow your rotor and thresh the beans without the cracks and splits. In addition, we have seen on average a 30% increase in horsepower with just the addition of just the XPR 2 concaves which means, if you are thinking about trading up a class of combine. Think again. In this farming economy, why spend the money on a new machine when you can get the same or better performance for a fraction of the cost.

  • Increase Class of Combine
  • No More Grinding
  • Stop Rotor Loss
  • No Changing Concaves
  • Increase Horsepower
  • Eliminate Plugging
  • Increase Ground Speed
  • Slower Rotor Speed
  • Fewer Fines In Bin
  • More $$$ In Your Pocket

Every part of the system is engineered for a particular purpose but the key in all of it, to help you keep your rotor full. The bar is designed to slow the material down so you have maximum grain-on-grain threshing, the cover plates are designed to cushion the crop and to further prolong material rubbing on material for complete threshing. The concaves are significantly more open so that as soon as grain is threshed, we can get it down and onto the augers in the tank – no overloading your separation section. And lastly our grates disrupt, fluff and toss the crop mat to get any remaining loose grain out before being lost out the back. The bottom line, you won’t find a better investment or return on your money than with our concave system.



S790, S780, S770, S760, S690, S680, S670, S660, S650, S550, STS 9870, STS 9870, STS 9860, STS 9770, STS 9760, STS 9750, STS 9670, STS 9660, STS 9650


9240, 8240, 7240, 8230, 7230, 9230, 9120, 8120, 7120, 8010, 7010 | 7140, 6140, 5140, 7130, 6130, 5130, 7088, 6088, 5088, 2588, 2577, 2388, 2377, 2188, 1688, 1680


Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley, Milo, Oats, Canola, Popcorn, Flax, Millet, Bluegrass, Radish, Pinto Beans, Edible Beans, Field Peas, Hemp, Chickpeas, Lentils, Mustard, Rye, Rice, Sesame, Sunflowers & More


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If They Aren’t XPR 2. They Aren’t Estes Concaves®.

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