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Case IH Concaves – XPR 2

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XPR2 – #1 Case IH Concave. Once you witness the reasons behind the unanimous preference of the world’s foremost agriculturists and manufacturers, encompassing a wide range of crops such as food-grade corn, seed soybeans, milo, wheat, and sunflowers, you will swiftly comprehend why the XPR2 Case IH Concave System has become the best combine investment you’ll ever make. 


  • ONE Concave ALL CROPS
  • STOP Rotor Loss
  • ELIMINATE Grain Damage
  • 6000+ Bu/Hr (9250)
  • 2-3 MPH Faster Ground Speed
  • NO MORE Whitecaps 
  • LESS Gal/Ac
  • MORE Horsepower
  • REDUCE Dockage


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Combines: Case IH Concaves 9240, 8240, 7240, 8230, 7230, 9230, 9120, 8120, 7120, 8010, 7010 | 7140, 6140, 5140, 7130, 6130, 5130, 7088, 6088, 5088, 2588, 2577, 2388, 2377, 2188, 1688, 1680
Crops: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Popcorn, Barley, Field Peas, Rye, Sesame, Chickpeas, Millet, Milo, Canola, Sunflowers, etc (All Crop Concave)
Includes: 4x Threshing Case IH Concaves with Perforated Cover Plates & 4 Xtreme Separator Grates (8 pieces for XPR2+ Concave System)



  • All Crop Concave
  • Case Hardened Bars
  • No Changing Concaves
  • 3x More Life
  • Faster Harvest Speed
  • Stops Rotor Loss
  • Cleaner Grain Sample
  • Less Dockage
  • Better ROI

Case IH provides customers with two alternatives when it comes to concaves: round bar concaves and small wire concaves. Traditionally, the selection of the appropriate Case IH concave depended on the specific crop being harvested. For corn and soybeans, the Case IH round bar concaves are generally considered the optimal choice. They offer the combine the highest harvesting capacity and are less prone to clogging under wet or green conditions. On the other hand, when dealing with wheat or small grains, the Case IH small wire concaves tend to be the preferred option. These concaves excel at maximizing threshing efficiency, albeit at the cost of reduced capacity and a higher likelihood of clogging in moist conditions. In situations where both wheat and corn are being harvested, it becomes necessary to acquire two sets of concaves for the Case IH combine and switch them out during the season, a process that can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Introducing the Game-Changing Estes XPR2 Concaves for Case IH Combines. These remarkable crop concaves seamlessly integrate the best features of round bar and small wire concaves, resulting in an unparalleled threshing and capacity optimization. Prepare to witness a revolutionary advancement in Case IH combine harvesters. With the XPR’s patented bar incorporated into the concave, hard threshing wheat becomes a breeze, producing fewer whitecaps and significantly reducing foreign material. Experience a substantial increase in capacity compared to Case IH small wire concaves. Furthermore, effortlessly thresh high-moisture corn and green soybeans without any risk of plugging, while enjoying enhanced capacity and minimal grain damage, surpassing the performance of Case IH round bar concaves.


Embrace the convenience of a single set of concaves, eliminating the need for multiple replacements. Upgrade to the Estes XPR2 Concaves today and unlock the true potential of your Case IH combine harvester.

It’s no wonder why the worlds top farmers and producers run Estes XPR2 Concaves in their Case IH combines. Get your quote today!

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