Aftermarket John Deere Concaves

Aftermarket John Deere Concaves: An Unconventional Guide

We are certainly the best when it comes to Aftermarket John Deere Concaves. Many look up to our gold standard systems. Our concave systems’ end rotor loss thus ensuring that the harvest you have acquired is not lost. Round bars deliver great results as they do not plug in easily, however, they fail when threshing smaller grains. Concave bars are highly efficient because they can thresh all kinds of grains- even the ones that are smallest in size while also ensuring that the drains are not damaged. In short, aftermarket concaves work for all kinds of crops. This increases the capacity of harvest, stop grain loss and cause less grain damage. Using our concaves, you can achieve a faster harvest and a cleaner sample.

Advantages of John Deere Concaves

Concave systems are built to utilize notched bars to restrict flow. This means that more material is present in the concave area providing for increased grain threshing. The concaves open progressively as the grain slowly moves along in the system. Thus, the use of Aftermarket John Deere Concaves results in increased uploading of grains. You can easily thresh any crop in any condition and have clean samples. This ensures that your field time is decreased and you stop rotor loss.

A Leading Technology that is preferred by Farmers

Our Aftermarket John Deere Concaves have been built after careful research. We combined years of interactions with farmers with expert modern technology. Our aftermarket John Deere Concave systems have been found to have the perfect blend of leading innovation and engineering experience. The concave bars are optimized to give the best possible threshing action for crops. We have new and improved cover plats that offer unmatched flexibility, especially when turning concaves to the desired crop. The concaves now have increased capacity because of better separation gates and concave spacing. This helps better release and capture of grain.

Farmers all around the nation love using our Aftermarket John Deere Concaves. We are some of the best service providers in the world. We strive for better performance and do not rest on past accomplishments, thus having generations of farmers trust us with their harvest. The farming world adores us because our products have the following qualities-

Stop Rotor Loss– If you lose 2-5 bushels every acre, you can lose up to $30k per one thousand acres of soya bean. There is no need to change your concave system- you can use this concave system for all crops.

Increase Profitability– You can increase the grinding speed and have a 135% more threshing area without changing concave systems. This means that you avoid overload separation without suffering under slow ground speeds.

Less Grain Damage– We maximize material-on-material threshing and help you keep the rotor full. There are fewer cracks, splits, and fines thus preserving your grains and your profits!


Aftermarket John Deere Concaves, are some of the best in the world. Don’t just take our word for it! Make sure that you try and then come to a conclusion. With our years of experience and great technology, we are sure we shall not disappoint you!

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