aftermarket combine concaves

An Overview Of The Aftermarket Combine Concaves To Choose The Best

When you want to choose and buy the best aftermarket combine concaves that will give the best harvest output you should know about the types, the options available, the features and functionality. These aftermarket combine concaves when used properly can add to the productivity of harvest resulting in an increased yield and reduction in grain wastage. You can even choose a custom made combine to best suit your specific application and to attain the best results using it in any weather conditions. These systems are easy to use and operate and can be used for any type of crop.

The Physical Factors

On an average the aftermarket combine concaves are a little heavier than the original. These systems are very durable and are known for its strength. It all depends on the different components like the thicker cross bars, side plates, wires and back braces. All the components of the system are well and interconnected to provide the maximal output and minimal loss of grains. The features of this system provide improved versatility, functionality and an increased level of output in various applications. You will have better harvest in a shorter time span.

Consistent Dimensions And Mechanics

The precision in the mechanics and assembly of these machines and the raw materials used for its manufacture makes it last longer as well.The manufacturers emphasize on the consistent dimensions and an improved mechanics for adequate installation and multiple applications for an improved quality of harvest. The threshing surface, reaping and winnowing ability of these machines are of the highest of standards and will provide the best results always and every time.

Different Types Of Concave For Combines

There are different types of concave for combines available in the market. You will get the most conventional concaves that feature a line bored threshing surface. These also have a level bar surface from side to side. There are wire holes drilled to offer a tighter fit and prevent trapping and spearing of the straw. Then there are the wide wire concaves that are suitable for soybeans, corns, rice, sorghum and sunflowers. These are equipped with wires that are perpendicular to the bar and that have wider gaps to enable threshing of larger material. You can also have helical bar or rotary concaves for more aggressive threshing.

Choose According To Need

All the concaves are specially designed and are available in different configurations and have different features. The choice of the best concave will largely depend on the particular series of the combine, variety in the moisture level, type of crop, desired sample quality and much more. Therefore, you must analyze your needs before buying a specific combine to make your one-time investment high yielding.