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Benefits Of Using JD Concaves For Combines

The advent of concave combines has given a new meaning and has taken harvesting to a new level. There are few specific benefits that you can enjoy when you use John Deere Harvester for your harvesting purpose. It will not only ensure maximum coverage in a short period of time but at the same time it will also ensure that the loss of grains during the process is effectively and successfully minimized. This will save your time as well as increase your production and profit. This is the primary reason why the combine harvesters are becoming fast the first love of the farmers all over the globe.

The Benefits Enjoyed

These mechanical devices have provided the farmers the opportunity to harvest their crop with ease and in less time apart from the fact that it has enhanced their productivity level as well amazingly. These technical devices have enabled the farmers to harvest any kind of crop that they grow in the fields in any quantity. It can be wheat, oats, barley, maize, flax or soya bean, the combine can harvest all of it for them. The three basic steps of operation of these combines has enabled the farmers to do the threshing, reaping and winnowing of the crop all at the same time reducing time and effort.

Nothing Left Behind

When threshing, reaping and winnowing are done manually by the farmers it usually leaves the waste straw, leaves and other related products in the field. This was a loss in a way. Now with the use of the John Deere harvester the farmers can have most of these items collected by the machine as well. These can be fed to the livestock which is also an added advantage provided by the machine saving some amount of money in livestock feed. Moreover, much wastes brought the farmers fewer yields than the actual stock in the fields resulting in further losses for the farmers.

Increase In Efficiency

Use of machines always leads to an increase in production and minimize the loss at the same time. Studies have shown that when the farmers uses Concaves for combines there is a significant raise in the yield as collection of grains from the crops increases. A farmer can now easily have more bushels per acre which will significantly raise the production. One can now enjoy harvesting with less effort put in and at the same time get the great amount of yield from the farms.

The Useful Features

These concave for combines has several useful features that will take harvesting to the next higher level. Some of its promising features include longer capacity than normal harvesting, increased ground speed, piles cleaner grains, safe and easy to use, high durability, and most importantly it is a one-time investment with no further replacements required.

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