Features Of Concaves For Combines

The combine harvesters are the mechanical devices which ease the farmers in a greater level. They help the farmers to harvest any type of grain crops in their fields. Now, these crops can be oats, wheat, barley, maize, soya bean, flax etc. These devices perform harvesting in basically three steps- threshing, reaping and winnowing. During […]

Combine concave for optimum Harvesting

A combine concave system is a special design machine applicable for harvesting. For a variety of grains, this is one of the versatile machines. This mainly performs the multiple functions such as threshing as well as separating. This aftermarket combines concave system is preferable for wheat, barley, oats, and corn fields. Nowadays people prefer the […]

Combine Concave Basics

Combine Concaves Whether you are using a John Deere or a Case IH combine, your concave plays a vital role in the quality of your harvested crop. The combine concave performs two important functions – threshing and separating. The threshing process frees the seeds from the plants. Then the separation process moves the seeds away […]