Combine Concave Basics

Combine Concaves Whether you are using a John Deere or a Case IH combine, your concave plays a vital role in the quality of your harvested crop. The combine concave performs two important functions – threshing and separating. The threshing process frees the seeds from the plants. Then the separation process moves the seeds away […]

Combine Threshing

What is Threshing? Agriculture changed everything about humanity and how we lived. It changed our migratory traveling, it changed out health, and it helped us plant the roots to grow our society. Finally, one region could support a group- if you knew how to work the land. It took a long time to figure out […]

Brief History Of Rotary Combines

Rotary Combines Ever since its invention and creation in 1834, the combine harvester has changed the face agriculture and how we manage the harvesting of crops. Of course those first combines were animal driven; using horses, mules, or ox teams. But even that rudimentary version of the combine was able to harvest over 50 acres […]

How Combine Harvesters Work?

One of the most crucial bits of farm machinery developed in the past century, the consolidate harvester transforms an inconceivably labor escalated handle into a one-person work. Harvesting crops without the machine is wasteful and expensive. This machine allows practically any farmer with the space to develop oats, rye, barley and wheat. A History of […]