John Deere Combine

By Maintaining John Deere Combine Parts Improve Harvesting And Profits

Now that you have brought the John Deere to combine parts in agriculture business, it is your responsibility to maintain it and put in the work over the period of time. It is essential that the maintenance of the parts should be done timely as it would be helpful in maintaining a working order. Farmers rely on John Deere machine mostly when it comes crop harvesting as it has improved the operations. Sometimes, you don’t get the result as expected and, in that case, there are some parts available in the market which can be helpful in maximizing the yields. You must determine which parts will be able to bring the best out of the operations.

Maximizing the production and improving the efficiency is what John Deere combine parts offers in every season. You need to obtain complete information about combine parts and understand how these parts operate. You need to find how the maintenance can be carried out to improve efficiency and which old and worn out part needs replacement or repair.

List of John Deere Combine Parts

Observation System: The observation system in John Deere Combine is only available in 50, 60 and 70 series combine. It helps in providing better visibility and flexibility. With the help of two-color cameras, operator can keep an eye on every key function needed in harvesting operation. A clear view of grain tank and unloading of sample into grain carts can be monitored.

Paddle or Tine Beater: In order to increase the agitation of crops, it is recommended to use tine/paddle beater with high-inertia cylinder when heavy-duty operations are being performed. Using this John Deere combine parts, buildup, and plugging of unwanted grain particles can be eliminated.

Fully Enclosed High-Inertia Cylinder: As an operator, you can rely on these high-inertia cylinder where more aggressive processing is demanded harvesting conditions. The plugging and vibration can be prevented as these cylinders are fully enclosed. In case of tough and damp conditions, cylinder can be helpful in improving the flow of material and save fuel and energy.

Conditions for Improving the Profits

It is important to go for a good clearance especially when you are using the John Deere combine parts. The correct balance between the cylinder and concave is important for the flow of material. The movement of material through the combine parts is quite fast and if you are using the right spare parts, the efficiency of machine capacity can be improved. The splits and cracks of grains are can be eliminated.

You can use the John Deere combine parts for a variety of crops like soy, flax, maize, oats, bean, etc. for variety of operations like threshing, reaping, winnowing, etc.

Steps to be Considered for Maintaining John Deere Combine Parts

• Elevator chains and Augers must be checked

• Address the Issues in augers and chains before they get worn out

• Adjustment of the chain can be done by removing the latch and opening the elevator door

• Adjustment of nut is necessary for loosing and tightening of the chain

• Off-season Inspection of the machine must be scheduled.

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