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    case ih concaves

    Stock Case IH concaves dump cash out the back. But not ours.

    Every Case IH rotor combine loses 3-5 bushels per acre. That equates to $39,480 from rotor loss on 1000 acres of soybeans at 4 bushels per acre. Our XPR concave systems for Case IH combines STOP rotor loss. With stock Case IH concaves, rotor loss occurs from an overloaded separator caused by not getting enough grain out and onto the augers in the concave section. The XPR 2 concave system for Case IH combines threshes grain more effectively and faster so grain is able to be separated sooner. Our concave bars boast 135% more threshing surface area so even the hardest to thresh crops are no problem. Our concave system is also progressively more open so as soon as the crop is threshed we get it down and onto the augers, preventing an overloaded separation section. Lastly, our Xtreme separation modules in the XPR system make sure any loose grain caught up in the chaff and crop mat is captured before being spit out the back. All that equates to no more volunteer yield.

    xpr concaves case combine

    There’s no better investment for your Case IH. Time & money.

    You won’t find a better investment than our XPR concave system when it comes to your combine. There are very few investments for your machine that will pay you back in DAYS and then YEAR-AFTER-YEAR. Our concaves last 3x longer than stock concaves giving you more and more value each and every year. Over 3 years, our XPR concave system would put an extra $118,440 in your pocket on 1000 acres of soybeans at 4 bu/ac. That’s what we call ROI.


    There are many reasons farmers love us. Aside from stopping rotor loss our concaves work in ALL crops, that means NO changing concaves. This means less downtime during the valuable harvest season. Our concaves are also engineered to keep the rotor full and we generally run the concave more open and the rotor slower, this equates to less cracks, splits and broken cobs. We also thresh more effectively and our cover plates ensure you get a clean sample without whitecaps and pods in the tank. All this means less dockage and more to your bottom line.

    XPR Case IH concaves, it’s the one green you will like.

    case ih concaves all crops


    case ih concaves more capacity


    case ih concaves no grain damage


    case ih concaves stop rotor loss


    case ih concaves harvest speed




    Case IH XPR2 Concaves

    Case 2188, Case 2388, Case 2588, Case 5088, Case 6088, Case 7088, Case 1680, Case 5130, Case 6130, Case 7130, Case 2577, Case 1680

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