Timely Steps with Estes XPR2 Concaves for Higher Harvesting Efficiency

As a friend of the farmer, the harvester contributes significantly everything’ it has and more. All the farmer has to do is prevent the losses and keep the machine in good condition. The use of Estes xpr2 concaves proves beneficial because of its many features. The weather also plays an important role in the harvest. The grain must have the right moisture content at the time of harvest. Otherwise, the grain will get damaged.

One Concave Serves Every Crop

The biggest advantage of the Estes XPR2 Concaves is that it serves all types of crops. Since there is no need to change the concave after the season is over, the farmer can rest. He can do the maintenance of the harvester in the extra time he has. He will have to adjust the clearance for each crop but he needn’t change the concave.

Superior Technology Gives Extra Power

Harvesting efficiency increases when the machine has more power. When you use the Estes xpr2 concaves you generate 30% more power. This excess power helps you drive the machine to do more work. The shape of the openings in the thresher allows smoother grain flow and better threshing. Quicker threshing saves time and improves grain quality.

Robust Build Increases Life

xpr2 Concaves

The life of the harvester increases because it has extended wear bars. The area in the thresher is more so that the amount of grain threshed is 70% more. The XPR 2 concaves stop rotor loss. In harvesting 1000 acres using an ordinary concave there is a loss of 2-5 bushels per acre leading to a loss of $30,000 in all. By stopping rotor loss, the farmer increases his profit a lot.

Magnificent Grain Quality

It features the new heavier and beefier Xtreme separation grain. When you use the Estes XPR 2 concaves threshing is clean and fast. The grains have lesser amount of splits, fines, and cracks. Good quality of grains gives the farmer a better price for the harvest. The performance of the XPR2 is better than anything that has happened so far.

It is a wonderful improvement on the first XPR and has many improved features. It is now possible to get 5,000 bushels per hour with this improved machine.

Increase the Ground Speed

With the new machine, it is possible to improve the speed of harvesting by increasing the ground speed. A change of 1-3 mph in ground speed helps you finish the harvest 15% faster. You can use the time to look after the harvester and conduct it’s maintenance.

Superior Design of the Bars

There is 140% more threshing area due to the improved design of the bars. Because of this, there is no need for the overload separation section. Also, the threshed grain gets captured faster. You don’t need to use slow ground speeds.

By increasing the amount of grains in the thresher, you avoid grain damage. You get lesser splits, fines, and cracks because there is grain on grain contact and less contact of the grain with the metal. This improves the quality of the harvest.

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