case combine

Everything You Should Know About Case Combine

Case Combine is used as advance technique for farming the field with no extra labor and with sufficient time. Combine is a form of rotary harvester and it is a type to combine the harvester, which is developed by our international harvester. After that, some other types of harvesters are used like case international, case corporation and CNH global. These forms of farming are developed for the farmers to harvest the field. There are able to harvest a wide range of grains and raw foods around all over the world. We can say that cases combine or axial flow is a type of harvesting to harvest the grains according the population and in a good form of grains.

Now, the population is increasing in all over the world so farmers must use the new technique for harvesting, to send the food to all over world. This technique of harvesting the grains is useful. Farmers face the problem in harvesting the field so they should adapt the new techniques, which could make their work easy.

Features of Case Combine

• It is brand of farming equipment. Some important equipment axial flow combine or stagier or tractors are the model.

• It is designed by single rotor technology.

• The innovation of Case combine simplifies the harvest technology.

• It has a capacity of having more grains to harvest.

• Fuel efficiency of the case combine is better than before or other combine tanks according the new model of process of combustion the tank capacity is increased and designed in such type of model that allows the tank worked whole day and no need to refill the tank while working on the field.

• A new designed of engine of the tank has a cooling system and the rotating wand of the vacuum suction allows the cooling effect to the engine and increase the efficiency of the engine.

• Engine of the tanks has maximum horsepower that allows the work is going to done in high level.

• Case combine continuously transfers the power to the rotor and feeder.

New combines are come with latest technology like camera kit, ladder section and with a high capacity for crop harvesting.

Benefits of Case Combine Harvesting

• Make the harvesting more adequate-with the low soil disturbance and a better flotation make the harvesting easy and efficiency.  It also makes minimum pressure on the ground with the design of maximum length of its track, low soil disturbance. The ride of the tank is very smooth and rider can easily rotate the tanks and it is also a low level of stress for field and for harvester.

• Flexible operation- this equipment is the best to get maximum result with minimum pressure or workload. It can work on much type of crops and many types of fields.

• Make the operation easier with this equipment. It makes the operation easy and it also useful for rut and berms area in the field.

• Repairing cost of the machine is very low. The cost of machine is low and the effect of the machine is very high efficient.

It is more useful than the old machine, easy to maintain and easy to operate and flexible with harvester.