5 Benefits for a Farmer Investing in a Farm Combine

A farm combine is well known for facilitating the harvesting process. As the name suggests, it combines up to three functions of the same operation. One is reaping, which involves cutting and gathering crops on the farm upon being ready for a harvest. It also threshes the crop, which comes after the reaping, involving the separation of the chaff, stalks, and grains. The third operation is winnowing, and this process separates the grain and the straw. That basically defines what to expect from it. It comes in handy when harvesting various crops, including sunflowers, soybeans, sorghum, maize, barley, oats, and wheat. However, why should a farmer go for a farm combine instead of going manual? Without further ado, let’s discuss the advantages of this option.

Maximum harvest

Why put a lot of effort into farming a crop only to lose it during harvest? That’s where you choose a farm combine to avoid this avoidable loss. Since it combines three operations, you don’t lose grain during the transition between one and the other. It is also made in such a way that little or no grains fall on the farm during the entire process. Consequently, farmers using it record a relatively high yield.

Clean Grain

With the help of the machine, a farmer gets clean grain since it also performs winnowing. No one wants serials combined with straw which explains why clean grain has a high demand. At the same time, they get to sell it at a high cost since farmers find it worth every penny.

Saves Money

Using a farm combine needs less labor than manual harvesting. Therefore, you will have to pay more people when doing it manually than if you chose to go for the machine. Consequently, you get to harvest at a low cost in the case of the former than the latter.

Saves Time

If you were to do the harvesting manually, completing an acre could require 12 people. They would take an entire day to complete the task,and threshing wouldn’t be part of the work done. On the other hand, the combine harvest would reap, thresh and winnow grains from a whole acre within an hour only. That’s good news to any farmer, and not taking advantage of such would be a waste of a golden opportunity.

You get grains ready for the market

With the manual method, you already spend a considerable amount of time reaping crops. Then, there is another couple of days set aside for threshing. On top of that, there are about two days necessary to clean the grains. Therefore, it might take weeks to make the harvest ready for the market. However, the harvester can achieve that at a rate of one hour per acre.


Without any fear of contradiction, one can saythat a farm combine is an investment worth venturing in indeed. It has excellent benefits that could change the lives of farmers for the better. If you are one of them, do yourself a break and grab one.

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