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Go For Quality – Go For John Deere Combine Parts by Estes

Harvesting is the crucial process that completes the farming operations. In earlier centuries, farming activities involved a lot of time and labour. Today, these have become quite smooth and efficient as a result of the application of modern science and technology. The harvester combine is very sophisticated farm equipment with many vital parts. These parts need to be repaired or replaced periodically. That is where, going in for high- quality parts like John Deere combine parts, becomes the right step forward.

What is a combine?

A harvester combine is versatile and convenient farm equipment. It performs functions like cutting, threshing and cleaning the grain. Today, we have many farm equipment manufacturers who produce combines and their spare parts. Of all these, the globally acknowledged leader, of course, is John Deere. Undoubtedly, John Deere combine parts are the best available in the market.

Why Go in For John Deere Combine Parts?

John Deere is the brand of farm equipment and parts produced by Deere & Company, which has been a highly reputed among American manufacturers of farm machines. The company was established in 1837, and has marched forward ever since through its innovation and commitment to quality. The company motto “Nothing Runs like a Deere” proves its credentials as the best in the market.

Important Combine Parts:

Different parts of the standard combine fall into the following general categories.

Header Unit: This Unit serves to cut and collect the crops. From here it is passed on to the threshing unit via feeding unit.

Feeding Unit: This unit usually has a chain and slate structure. It receives the harvested crop from the cross auger. The auger carries the crop to the conveyor belt on to the threshing unit.

Threshing Unit: It is here that the grain gets threshed. This is done with the help of the concave and threshing cylinder.

Separating Unit: The grain separation begins at the concave, from which it falls downwards. The grains and straw that remain move into the straw walker.

Cleaning Unit: The cleaning unit is made of two sieves and a blower. The blower serves to winnow the grain and chaff. The cleaned grain is received in the auger.

Handling Unit: The clean grain auger collects the threshed grains. It is carried forward by an elevator belt.

There is thus a long list of major and minor parts that require periodic replacement. Some of these are crop dividers, knife cutter horizontal bars pickup reel, spinning augurs (screws), mowing fingers, conveyors known as straw walkers, threshing drum, sieves, , grain lifters, and rasp bars. Each of these parts has vital functions and hence using high-quality John Deere combine parts make good farming sense.


Harvest combines are the most important farm machine that has transformed farming into an efficient process resulting in optimum yield in terms of both quality and quantity. To enable them to function efficiently, they should be maintained at the top level of functioning. This implies promptly replacing worn-out and mal-functioning parts. The natural choice made by quality-conscious farmers would be John Deere combine parts. Once they do that, they are assured of a hassle-free harvest.