A Complete Guide To International Harvester Combine

Rotary harvesters or Case IH Axial-Flow Combines, the same thing two different names, are manufactured by International Harvester, is a kind of combine harvester. Many farmers in the US use it to harvest a variety of grains.

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Rotar harvesters were introduced in 1977 and stepped from the traditional design of combine harvesters. A rotor performs mainly the threshing and separation. International harvester gave the rotary design that was mass-produced, and patent gave a benefit over the rivals.

Models of International Harvester Combine

Here are all the models of this combine harvester till the present day:

14 Series

Conventional combine harvesters 15 series were launched in 1968. Harvester’s 1440 and 1460 models were introduced after intense engineering attempts and bottom-up design in 1977. The bigger model 1480 was introduced in 1978, and the special models 1470 and 1482 also.

16 Series

International Harvester combined with another company in 1985, giving rise to 17 series models. It’s an upgrade of 14 series harvesters instead of replacing them. The equivalents of 14 series are similar to the 16 series, that is, 1670, 1682, etc.

16-4/6/8 series

Now, this was an upgrade of 16 series in 1993. The models included in this series are 1644, 1666, and 1688. Many changes were made to improve the processing capacity.

21 series

2144, 2166, and 2188 were the models included in the 21 series. Higher power engines, improved operator comfort, and many other user-friendly improvements.

23 series

This series is an upgraded version of the 21 series. 2344, 2366, 2377, and 2388 models were included in the 23 series, which were improvements of the models in the 21 series.

120 series

In 1999 International Harvester merged with another company again. In both of these mergers, they are making improvements based on the basic platform. Then each model was then altered to the basic features present in every harvester (coloring, cabin, decals, external paneling, etc.).

7120, 8120, and 9120 models were included in the 120 series. 5.4m2 (7120) and 6.5m2 (8120/9120) is the cleaning area they’re based on. Many belts and chains were replaced using hydraulic control, which involves the central rotor drive belt.

88 Series

The 88 series actually continued the 23 series and included 5088, 6088, and 7088 models. The separation area was 5.48m2 in this series.


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