Way To Use The Combine Harvesters?

If you have brought or hired a combine harvester then you must know what to do to use that properly. If you continue reading you will know the proper usage of combine harvester fitted with case concaves. Let us see what we should do for the proper usage.

Setting the speed

When you start the harvesting using these harvesters you should first start the machine and the speed of the machine should be such selected that the knife of the harvester does not get obstructed by the straw of the crop. If the speed is not properly set then the harvester will stop functioning as the knife will get entangled with the straw.

Time to harvest

The proper selection of time is the next requirement. It is seen that after 9.00 AM the dew in the field is less. This should be the ideal time when you should start your harvester for harvesting. The reason for this is that the crops will be dry and it will be easier for the harvester to cut the crop. It should also be noted that you should not try to harvest the crops during or after a rain. The crop loss will be more and the main aim of saving money will not be achieved.

Header adjustment

The header of the harvester should be so adjusted that it helps the proper functionality of the machine. It is seen when the heat is high then harvesting of crops becomes problematic in such a case the header should be lowered but the header should not be lowered more than six inches. If it is lowered more than six inches the knife of the harvester may get damaged which is not what is desired.

Straight running of the harvester

The crops in your field are in a straight line. So, in order to harvest all the crops, the harvester should also be run in a straight line. If this is not done then it might happen that crops are left in the field which still needs harvesting. It should also be noted that the trailer running along with the harvester is running at the same speed as that of the harvester fitted with case concaves. This is need so that the entire ready crop is collected in the trailer and there is no loss of crop. Both the speed should be synchronized for this reason.

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