john deere combine

Why Do You Need A John Deere Combine?

If you own a farm then you must know the importance of combine harvesters. They are a unique machine which has turned the work of many into a work of a single person. You can do the entire work related to harvesting with the help of this machine. If you are using such a harvester in your farm then you must be using john deere combine parts for it. Let us see the various natures of benefits that we can get by using such an amazing machine.

It helps you to have cleaner sample

You must have experienced how difficult it is to harvest the crop that you have grown. It really requires enormous workforce to perform the task. After doing so much of an effort you will not be able to harvest the crop as you want. If you in place use these harvesters then you can be assured about

• Grain on grain thrashing

• Less damage of grains

• Higher efficiency at field

What this means is that you will be able to completely harvest all the crops that you have grown and will be able to carry the entire lot to the market for being sold.

It helps to increase your capacity

You do not want to lose a single grain that you grow on your field. But using the conventional method of harvesting you are not in a position to do so. It is evident that you will be losing grain and money. But by the usage of harvesters, you will be able to increase your capacity by 30%. This is possible by having

• Cleaner samples

• Eliminating grain loss

The machine ensures that none of your crops is left in the field and the thrashed grains are free from any dust or mud which may be there in the field. You can sell your entire harvest and earn more money.

You will be able to get superior customer service

It is evident that machines may sometimes have problems. You do not need to worry about that also. You just need to call them and they will be happy to help you out. They have two means of helping you out. They may help you in this manner

• They may send service engineers from their centers


•May send their mobile units with john deere combine parts to take care of the repair or maintenance that is required.