Why Farmers Should Switch To Case IH Combine?

The comfort of the operator along with productivity improvement serves as the two new highlights of the latest Axial-Flow 140 case IH combine series. The product is accompanied by significant updates and innovative features. Apart from continuing the tradition of providing the most superior harvesting as well as threshing performance, the new series comprises of many productivity-enhancing features. This will be leading to more of grain in the tank in comparison to what the farmers have grown. So, the advanced series of combine provide the maximum peace to the farm owners going to its simplistic, effective, and at the same time reliable belt-driven rotor design. Even from the header to the spreader part, advanced axial flow series systems are being matched precisely for ensuring efficiency as well as productivity.

Some Of The Advancements Introduced In Case IH Combine Include:

Improvement in transmission

Since it is advanced & at the same time double speed electronic transmission, this increases the efficiency and facilitates the farmers for producing the increased harvest/acres in a day.

Lightweight feature

A modern concave design is such that it is lightning the overall workload. It is just 38 lbs. This is almost less than 1/2 of its previous models. So, the combine can actually be customized according to the nature of the crops and varied field conditions.

Improved cross flow-cleaning technology

The case IH combine series has been developed for handling increased capacity due to the improvement in the cross-flow cleaning technology. This will be helping in detecting automatically when the combine harvester is working on uneven terrain surfaces.

Enhancement in grain uploading

Since the case IH combine is built of a large size grain elevator, it needs to have increased capacity clean enhancements. Also, there is a remote camera technology that facilitates the operator to monitor and control the unloading procedure in a convenient manner.

Improved residue management system

This new series of case IH combine consists of the improved residue management system. It comprises of the chevron blade mount pattern. This will be resulting in the consistent distribution of all the grains and improve quality. Also, it imbibes the quick latch technology for facilitating the most convenient maintenance.

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It is extremely important to purchase the case IH combine series from a reliable and renowned supplier. The Estes Performance Concaves provide combine systems that have been specifically engineered and developed to deliver the increased consistency and improved quality of grains all across the varying crops as well as environmental conditions. This next-generation harvesting system is extremely easy to operate, with automatic adjustment features, and comprises of modern technology like AFS harvest command and camera technology. Also, this line-up is providing consumers with products of different sizes and at the same time best value for their investment. So, they can look forward to switching to the advanced case IH combine with Estes Performance Concaves company. Visit the website for browsing the newly introduced Inventory of case IH Axial flow combine harvester and browse to learn more about them!

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