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Aftermarket Combine Concaves – A Windfall for Farmers

To carry out successful and profitable farming, all steps including the last stage of harvesting should be carried out efficiently. Years ago, harvesting was tedious and long proceeds involving a lot of labour too. Today, modern technology has completely revolutionized the whole farming operation, including harvesting. One of the factors that have made the process more economical is that today we can easily get aftermarket Combine concaves.

What are OEM Combine concaves?

OEM parts stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer items and as the name suggests, these are parts for equipment produced by the company that produces the equipment. They are specific in nature and make to fit that particular machine. One good example is John Deere equipment and parts. This is a leading name in the field of farming machines and has set a well-recognized international standard for their products and service. Their parts are always dependable. While the quality is absolutely guaranteed, these OEM parts are generally quite expensive. Today, customers can overcome this hurdle by going in for aftermarket parts.

What are aftermarket combine concaves?

Aftermarket parts like aftermarket combine concaves are concaves that are manufactured by a company other than the original manufacturing company. Such companies make parts such as the concaves that are compatible with the original combine.

The advantage for the farmers is that such parts are usually less expensive than those supplied by the original manufacturer. But they are as good as the original. Thus the farmers save some money without compromising on quality. What is more, the guarantee on the original equipment continues to be valid. Thus farmers stand to gain in every way.

The benefits of buying aftermarket combine concaves:

These are considered as the finest in performance as they are produced by incorporating the latest available technology available. Of course, care should be taken to avoid buying from less reputed companies in the market to ensure quality.

The good quality aftermarket concaves keep the rotors full while operating, so that the threshing job is done smoothly to achieve the best results. We can see that the grains are free from cracks and splits. However, if customers go in for poor quality concaves, it will invariably lead to grain damage.

The aftermarket combine concaves are specially designed so as to step up the ground speed and the surface area of threshing. Greater speed results in higher yield of grains. The grain loss and damage is also very minimal.

Yet another huge benefit of using aftermarket combine concaves is its multi-purpose function. You can harvest a number of different crops with great ease without the hassle and extra expenditure of changing the concave with each new crop. The saving this made is substantial.


On the whole, the advantages of employing aftermarket combine concaves are quite impressive. They ensure that the grain we get is of very good quality. The yield is also much higher. This implies a definite decrease in costs involved and better profits for the farmers. This is a well-deserved reward for the industrious and dedicated farming community.

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