Aftermarket John Deere Combine

Aftermarket John Deere Concaves– A Great Gift for Farmers

Cost- effective harvesting is the vital and essential culmination of the farming process for any crop. Many years ago, harvesting was a long and labor-intensive process. The money spent was also quite high. Yet, the final result was not very satisfactory. But mechanization and advances in technology have changed the scene completely today. The John Deere range of equipment has revolutionized this process. A welcome development is the ready availability in the market of reliable parts like the aftermarket John Deere concaves.

What are John Deere concaves?

John Deere is the name that stands out in the world of innovative farm equipment and these form the standard on an international level. Use of these equipment help farmers carry out effectively all farming operations with peace of mind and profitability. They provide what are called OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer items. These parts are designed quite specifically to fit in a single type of machine and tend to be more expensive. Today, customers, however, have other equally sound options before them.

Aftermarket John Deere concaves:

Components like aftermarket John Deere concaves are parts of equipment produced by a company other than original manufacturer. Such companies make harvester parts like the concave, in such a way that these can be used effectively with the original harvester.

One advantage is that these aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than the ones provided by the original manufacturer. The customers stand to gain financially. Reputed companies do this without compromising on the quality parts. Quite often, the guarantee on the original vehicle and the parts is remains valid too. So it is a win-win situation for the customer.

The advantages of using quality aftermarket John Deere concaves:

They are rated as high in performance since they are made using the most advanced technology available. That ensures their superiority over other similar products from less reputed companies in the market.

For instance, these concaves ensure that the rotors remain full during operation and threshing is carried out to yield the best results. This is clear from the fact these grains don’t show any cracks, splits or fines. That is not the case when concaves of a lesser quality are used. This means that farmers make better profits as there is hardly any grain damage.

There is provision to increase the ground speed of these aftermarket John Deere concaves as well as the threshing surface area. The higher speed helps to yield as much as 5000 bushels per hour. Grain loss is also reduced substantially

Another attractive feature of aftermarket John Deere concaves is that have multi-purpose function. They can be used with variety of crops. This saves the trouble and money involved in changing the concave with each crop being threshed.


Overall, the benefits of using aftermarket John Deere concaves are simply amazing. They stop rotor, provide high quality grain samples, ensure greater speed in operations, and higher yields. All this boils down to clear reduction in costs and greater profitability for the customers. For all modern farmers, who wish to do well in life, aftermarket John Deere concaves are surely the best bet.

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