Aftermarket Combine Parts

In farming, every process requires utmost care and attention and has to be done in the most accurate way so as to minimize losses. Combines were introduced into the market to reduce the farmers’ stress. A combine is used in the harvesting part for a variety of crops. This machine can do four jobs: reaping, gathering, threshing, and winnowing, making it easy for the farmer. These were first started to use in Scotland by Reverend Patrick Bell, and since then, it has been beneficial machinery to the farmers. Combine harvesters are one of the prominent machines which can save money and time for the people engaged in agriculture.

So, as we were saying, it is necessary to ensure that every process is flawless in farming. When it comes to harvesting, a combine user must ensure that the machine and its parts are working smoothly. If any parts are found damaged, the farmer must replace the parts with new ones so as to yield a good crop. This is where aftermarket combine parts come up. Aftermarket parts can be used to replace the damaged parts of a combine. Estes concave combines have been leaders in the industry and provide aftermarket combine parts to companies like John Deere.

Which all aftermarket combine parts are available?

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The aftermarket combine parts available in the market are as follows:

Sieves and sieve frames: Each combine contains two sieves in the upper and bottom position, and it consists of a sieve frame made of metal. The sieves allow the separation of the grain and other residues with the help of a cushion of air.

Main Concaves and Concave Segments: Aftermarket concaves improve the cleaning of grain and are made of stainless steel. Hardness can assure uniform clearance between drum and concave and offers durability, and makes it resistant to damages.

Augers and tubes: The augers, also known as screw conveyor, is a part of the combine that uses helical screws called flighting, through a tube and is used in the movement of granular materials.

• Impeller drums, plates, rasp bars: Impeller is the rotating part of a centrifugal pump, compressor, etc., which moves a fluid by rotation, sometimes using centrifugal force. A rasp bar cylinder is a thresher or combine cylinder which is equipped with tough rasps.

• Rollers, Serrated slats, and Conveyor channels wear plates: Rollers are used to break the lumps on the soil and make the land flat. Serrated slats protect against the wrapping, while conveyor channel wear plates prevent wearing off and damage of the conveyor belt.

Benefits of Aftermarket Combine Parts

• Enhances the efficiency of harvesting

• Increases productivity without much grain damage by increasing ground speed and area of threshing.

• Makes the combine usable for different crops and saves money for farmers

• Renders the separation process quite efficiently and properly.

• Make the grains free of dust.

To summarize, aftermarket combine parts are the best innovations of agricultural technology. They reduce the efforts of farmers, save time, and help have a quality output.

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