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Methods to Get the Best Out of Estes Concaves While Harvesting

Harvesting is the most important event in a farmer’s life. It is the time when he gets ready to get the profit for his hard labor. It is also the time when unseen losses can creep in and eat up his profits. When we use Estes concaves it cuts the losses in diverse ways. Then, there is the maintenance part which ensures the farmer does not lose out because of a poorly maintained machine. Through both these methods, the profits can increase by as much as 30% each time.

Use a Superior Concave

First is the use of Estes concaves to harvest. These have three times more life than an ordinary harvester concave. It has a slower rotor speed and less grain damage. The slow rotor speed ensures the thresher remains filled to the capacity so there is more utilization of power. The grain on grain threshing prevents contact with the metal sides of the machine. This prevents fines, splits, and cracks to the grain. Less grain damage means more profit.

Stop Rotor Loss

It is normal to get rotor loss while harvesting. This means you can expect a loss of 2-5 bushels when you harvest a thousand acres of grain. It means you lose up to $27,500 for one thousand acres of crop. By using the Estes concaves, you avoid this loss because these concaves will bring rotor loss to the least. Also, you can use the same concave for all crops. You needn’t spend time removing the old one and putting in the new one and making adjustments for the new crop. This one concave will serve the farmer for all the crops.

Improve the Efficiency of the Harvest

You get a cleaner grain tank and faster harvest when you use Estes concaves. This is because it incorporates the latest technology that ensures smoother and faster harvest. It allows you to increase the ground speed by 1-3 mph so you can harvest more in the given time. The XPR2 concave has 30% more power so it makes a better choice. You can harvest crops like chickpeas, edible beans, popcorn, canola, oats, milo, wheat, soybeans, corn, sunflower, sesame, rye, and lentils among others.

Conduct Maintenance Checks

It is important to maintain your harvester and Estes concaves in good shape. To do this, start with cleaning and changing the oil and filters, followed by the air filters, greasing and lubricating, checking the cooling system, filling with fuel, adding fuel stabilizer, and checking for worn out and damaged parts. The perforated cover plates are susceptible to damage and if there are holes, you must mend them immediately. Blow out the debris from the inside and outside. If there are any rodents, they can chew through the wires and cause major problems.

Check for Corrosion and Wear

Open the inspection plates and look at the components. Go over the Estes concaves and sieves and see that they are perfect. Check the bearings for corrosion and replace them if needed. Make sure all the lights are working properly. Check the cooling system and reset it according to the climate if needed. You will also have wear and damage on the conveyors and augers. Replace any part if you need it.

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