What Is So Striking About All New X9 Combine?

Do you have an extremely stringent harvesting window? Are you under pressure to earn a tighter profit margin? Looking for ways to increase productivity and minimize losses during harvest season? If yes, then all new X9 combine from John Deere is here to meet all expectations and help you to fulfill your harvesting goals. This newly introduced combine delivers an average of around 45% of the harvesting capacity across all the crops without sacrificing the grain quality. All this is possible even through the utilization of 20% less fuel. This technologically advanced combine harvester can harvest up to 30 acres within an hour for the wheat crop. Also, there can be the harvesting of around 7200 of bushels an hour for the corn crop. Thus, this product undeniably serves as an extraordinary extension of the manufacturer’s portfolio. This is an extraordinary product for all the farm producers who are acquiring extensively large capacity and even can handle more than that.

Some striking features of all new and advanced X9 combine

Let’s take a look at some of the advanced features of the John Deere X9 combine:

Decreased fuel consumption The X9 series combine is helping the farmers to decrease the cost associated with fuel consumption to the extent of 20% per bushels being harvested. Due to this product’s innovative and improved design features, you will be able to harvest greater acres of crops in one day, leading to improved production.

Combine Advisor Technology

Due to this advanced technology feature, there will be adjustments in the settings of the X9 combine harvest. The camera technology facilitates the viewing of the clean grain samples and the tailings elevator, which assists in making informed decisions.

Unmatched visibility

Since this technologically innovative combine is imbibed with the LED feature, it provides twice the ilumination compared to the older models. Due to the wide 106 degrees unloading auger, you can have a straight view to the grain cart.

JDLink Connect

This is another innovative feature that is available with the 5 years subscription. With the help of this feature, you will be capable of sending yield maps along with other harvesting data for in-depth evaluation. Even while sitting in the office, the agriculture producer will be in a condition to check up on all the machines, their performance, and the actions that can be taken to improve harvesting.

Increase your profit margin by boosting farm productivity with X9 combine

The X9 Combine assists large-scale agricultural producers with the capability to thresh, separate, and at the same time clean more of the tons within an hour. This is done without compromising upon the grain loss as well as its quality. Are you frustrated due to rotor loss, or poor harvesting leading to damaged and cracked grain, then X9 combine Concave from Estes Performance Concave is the answer. The company is a global leader in delivering the most advanced and cutting-edge combine concaves, leading to the success of many farm producers worldwide.

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