Undeniable Perks of Using Combine Concaves For Your Farm

Agriculture requires a variety of machinery to increase productivity and speed up its processes. The crucial thing among them is harvesting. In recent times, farm owners prefer to invest in modern technology and progressive gears such as combine concaves for their farms.

Among a wide range of options available on the market, the Estes combine concaves outperform its competitors as it offers optimal performance and a maximum guarantee. Additionally, the perfect fit for every kind of grain. However, here we will highlight the benefits of purchasing the combine concaves of Estes for your firm.

Adequate Reasons For Purchasing Combine Concaves

A combine concave’s primary role is to do several tasks, such as unraveling and threshing. But first, farmers should separate the seeds from the chaff and other materials and store them in the grain tank.

The combine concaves simplify the farming process with their outstanding performance. As a result, it has become highly profitable and the most efficient equipment in the agriculture industry. Below, we will mention the reasons behind purchasing the Estes concaves.

No Rotor Loss

Rotor loss during harvesting is a nightmare for farmers requiring the machine to stop, replace, and move on. As a result, it wastes more time and money. A typical rotor combine damages 3 to 5 bushels per acre.

But as the Estes combine concaves offer XPR 2 concave system, there will be no rotor loss. As a result, you can easily do harvesting without interruption. Additionally, it moves faster to help you save money and time.

Improved Performance

Combine Concaves

High-level performance is a clear indication of a premium-quality combine concave. Therefore, you can opt for the combine concave of Estes as it offers high-quality performance. Furthermore, with the innovative and advanced fittings on concaves, there are no broken wheels or frequent plugging.

So you can harvest quality crops without any damage. The best part is that it boosts the margin of profits of the farmers. Furthermore, as there is no need for concave change for every crop, you can complete the entire harvesting process much faster and more efficiently.

Highly Durable

Purchasing a combine concave is a massive investment for the farmers. Hence, they need to check the durability of the concaves before investing lots of money. However, opting for the Estes concave is an excellent idea due to its premium quality, higher performance, and maximum precision. Moreover, with the advanced XPR system, the Estes combine offers maximum performance with high confidence.

Get Cleaner Grains

Getting cleaner grains is necessary for the farmers to get maximum profit. With the help of Estes combine concaves, farmers can collect undamaged and cleaner grains while harvesting. It is due to the spacious settings and industrial parts of the combine developed with efficiency and best care.


Investing in modern technology, such as combine concaves, has become necessary to boost productivity in farming. Therefore, you must select your combine concave only from a reputable and reliable company. You can opt for the Estes combine concaves as it is one of the most reliable solutions for modern farming across the globe. So, if you plan to change your existing combine, pick combine concaves of Estes with ultimate sureness.