CASE-IH-Concaves – Concaves Of The Changing World!!

Renovating the traditions- with minimum losses

The Estes Performance is a company of today’s world that is trying to renovate the old traditions and trying to work according to the need of this changing world. We all know that changes are necessary for one’s life and in a vast area like agriculture, the changes are very essential to match the need of the hour. The productivity, population and all other aspects of the world are vastly changing with time. So, there is a need for such companies who can change with the time and help to serve the people of the country in a better way.

The main need of the hour is that the tools must be made for agriculture that will minimize the losses and will aim at maximizing the extraction of useful products for mankind. The Estes Performance is such a company that satisfies all these needs as its main aim is to design such case-IH-concaves for agriculture that will minimize the losses that occur due to the use of the traditional methods of threshing. The Estes Performance also aims at reducing the rotor losses to a very great extent by the use of effective concaves.

Why The Estes Performance?

Not only one, but there are many benefits that they provide over others. Some of them can be understood as follows-

• These are case-IH-concaves which are suitable for all kinds of crops. Thus, reducing the expenses of the farmers and making it more effective.

• Some crops for which it can be used are- corn, wheat, soybeans, oats, milo, popcorn,canola, chickpeas,edible beans, rye,lentils, sesame and few others are also there.

• The case-IH-concaves include the latest technology threshing with cover plates and extreme separator grate. This makes it durable and easy to use for a variety of crops.

• One other benefit is that no changing of concaves is required on short periods and thus these are comparatively more durable.

• There are fewer rotor losses and thus, the overall loss of grains is reduced.

• The capacity of the combiners is also very good which approximately 70% is more than others.

• A farmer will never feel that his money is wasted on these concaves as this is one of the best investments one could get.

• The case-IH-concave systems provided by The Estes Performance also eliminate splits, cracks and fines thus, reducing extra efforts in removing them.

• The harvest is also very fast when these concaves are used which directly benefits the farmers.

• Most importantly these case-IH-concaves are very cost effective and economical for the buyer.

Emphasis on proper manufacturing

The Estes Performance mainly emphasises on the proper manufacturing of the products. The case-IH-concaves are very finely built keeping all the engineering aspects in mind. These engineering aspects fulfil all the needs to build a product that will reduce the losses of grains and help in maximizing the profit of the user. Overall, The Estes Performance is providing the best place to invest and gives the full return of the money invested in one or the other way.

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