Aftermarket Combine Concaves

Increase Your Harvest Capacity by Using the Best Aftermarket Combine Concaves

Making farmer’s life easier

Farmers are one of the most hard-working people in the world. Since the earliest civilization, they have grown and maintained crops. Their occupation has fed the entire humanity since earliest times. Farmers work hard during all seasons to keep the crops live, and healthy.

Farmers have been taking advantage of numerous agricultural machines such as tractors, combine harvesters, crop sprayer, cultivator, planter, etc. since the evolution of machinery. These are the crucial machinery used for farming. They make the farmer’s work easy and simple. Farmers are also being pressurized to get more productivity in their harvest with the increase in demand and supply in the market. Many farmers have started growing and maintaining different kinds of crops to get more profit and success. In order to harvest them easily, farmers have opted for aftermarket combine concaves. It makes their life easier and enhances the productivity.

What are After Combine Harvesters?

After combine harvesters are the highly demanded agricultural machines important for harvesting several crops easily. In normal combine harvesters, farmers have to change their concaves crop to crop. This not only wastes their time but also wastes their money. After combine concaves is a much better option that works for all crops. It makes a farmer’s life as there isn’t any need to change the concave.

It also helps in important agricultural methods such as winnowing, threshing, and reaping. A winnowing is a method where the grains are separated from the chaff. Threshing is a method of loosening the edible part of the grain from the husks and straws. And reaping is a method of cutting and gathering crops at harvest. All these important steps are professionally and easily done by this after combine harvesters. These harvesters help in harvesting agricultural lands without losing the rotor loss. It saves time and money.

Why Switch to After Combine Harvesters?

Switching your old harvesters to after combine harvesters is an excellent idea if you want to save your time and money. It is more efficient and well-built and developed. Many farmers have benefited greatly by using after combine harvesters. Given below are some advantages of having this impressive machine.

• It increases your capacity to harvest dramatically by 30%.

• It has helped in less grain damage and gives you cleaner grains.

• It helps in cutting the rotor loss to zero.

• It is for all crops like rice, wheat, corn, sunflower, etc.

• It has faster ground speed by 1-2 MPH compared to other systems.

• It works perfectly fine on multiple crops without changing the concave.

• It consumes less fuel than usual harvesters and saves your time and money.

• It saves your money efficiently as there is no need for further replacements and is a one-time investment.

About ESTES Performance Concaves

ESTES Performance Concaves has been a leading industry since 1995. The company has the best RPR systems and has helped with thousands of system installations. The company guarantees to give you the best results with their systems.

Their machines are better than anyone in the market. They are more secure and more reliable than other products. They are affordable and save you tons of money. Visit their site now and look for the best aftermarket combine concaves.

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