S series Combine

Introducing the S-Series of John Deere Combine Harvesting Corn

The next time you are looking to harvest corn, John Deere Combine seems to be the most promising choice, coming straight to your mind. However, there are various combines available, and each one is specifically designed to cover significant tasks. If you are a fleet owner and need to reduce your fleet or your harvest conditions need you to harvest high-moisture corn or the tough-threshing small grains, then these machines might be your call.

In case you are running a fully optimized combine and need to get the task done in one day, then consider the right combine for the same. Some experts might want to upgrade their existing header for gaining more capacity. For such instances, John Deere Combine harvesting corn is one-stop solution.

Introducing the all-new S-Series Combines:

No matter whatever the operator or conditions might have been John Deere has its outstanding S700 Series Combines. It will provide you with consistent grain quality rather automatically. It ensures that your selected combine will compensate for the current changing conditions, even when you are not aware of it.

• The highly technical display of the product will deliver intuitive and easy run screens. There will be shortcut buttons, which can help you to customize and then toggle between the available run pages faster.

• Moreover, the machines have Extended Monitor, which will work gladly with 4600 Display. It provides you with a better real estate viewing.

• The machines will combine the Advisor with the latest Active Vision cameras. This is an optional package with 7 automation technologies. It helps to maintain your selected performance setting. The crop’s condition or moisture does not matter much at this stage.

• Thanks to the Active Vision camera, now the focus will remain on clean grain elevator. Even the cameras on tailings elevator will help you to see what is exactly going on.

For its Operations Center:

Yield data will only prove to be useful if you can access it easily and then get to share it. With the proper Operations Center, your data will easily be turned into information. That information will help to make the upcoming year’s harvest better than the current one. On the other hand, with over 25 connected software tools beside you, users can make most out of the available data. The major farm management system is included in the list, as used by agronomists.

Perfect JD Link Connect

The S Series will come in handy with JD Link along with 5 long years of connected service. It is of no cost and comes with a wireless and automatic information pipeline right between you and the equipment. You can now aim for as-applied data and agronomic data from anywhere you want and even share whenever needed. Sending data straight from the field automatically and immediately will save you from losing any data.

With its in-built technology for sensing potential issues, you will receive quality help. With proper support, you will receive Remote Display Access and even some Expert Alerts. You get to monitor machine fuel levels, receive alerts, location history and in-cab display, all remotely.