John Deere Combine settings soybeans

How To Get Maximum Yield From Soybean With The John Deere Combine?

Soybean harvesting is a procedure that needs the utmost care and expertise to yield a good product. Farmers often find harvesting their soybean crop as a real challenge. The problems are said to be due to the large size of the crops. But now, this is an old story. Following the John Deere Combine settings soybeans can help farmers have a good yield with 0%losses. Some of the settings are as follows:

• In the John Deere combine setting for soybeans, the plastic reel is the main part. They cut the yield and make it go directly to the twist drill. This allows cutting the crops that are too small or stand low. Also, the head is connected to a belt along with the pickups.

• Check that the combine, header, and rear region of the combine are adjusted properly.

• The majority of the grain loss takes place in the header region. So, the header part needs more care. The header is to be adjusted in concordance with the cutting bar. Both their heights are to be adjusted accordingly. The former is adjusted to the ground level and thereby kept low. The latter also needs to be kept low. This setting can prove advantageous in areas where plants are on the lower ground.

• The operator can set the speed of the combine according to his preference. The same is a factor that can influence crop gain. So, it is recommended to keep it as small as possible. Slow down to about 0.5-1 mph than the normal speed in areas where losses are high, as told by your prior analysis. This can provide good results.

• There are some general factors you need to take care of. Worn out parts can affect the functioning of the combine and thereby lead to detrimental effects. John Deere combines settings for soybean recommends farmers to ensure that guards, knives, ledger plates, etc. are to be maintained in good condition. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Always keep a spare part of the above accessories every time as a backup.

• Ensure that sickles are quite sharp and clean. Rusty and damaged sickles fail to cut the crops as the combine moves. Make sure the same with the blades too. A less sharp or dull blade does not produce results.

• Another factor that influences the crop is the reel speed. Adjust the speed in concordance with ground speed and other requirements. John Deere combines settings for Soybean to recommend increasing the reel speed 25% faster than the ground speed.

• The feeder house should be adjusted at the appropriate angle concerning the header.

• Proper maintenance of all the parts is a vital factor. Chains, bearings, etc. should be lubricated from time to time. Always keep the belt tight and steady. Regular servicing is also recommended. Note the service dates and keep a check on it.