John Deere 9500 Combine Soybean Settings You Need To Know For a Successful Soybean Harvest

The success of a soybean harvest largely depends on using the perfect combine settings. It not only helps in reducing grain damage but also saves a lot of time and effort during the harvest time. Some crops do require some extra attention to detail and proper settings to complete the harvest effortlessly. And one such variety of crops is the soybean, and in this article, we’ll be covering the best John Deere 9500 combine soybean settings.

John Deere 9500 Combine Soybean Settings

Let’s look at the various combine settings that farmers need to know for a successful soybean harvest:

Refer the User Manual

The first thing you need to know when it comes to setting the perfect combine settings is the review the user manual. The product user manual is the bible for every machine out there as it tells you every information about the combine harvester, and the various settings need to be used for different crops.

Crop Conditions

Farmers also need to take into account the current condition of the crops and field when working on the combine settings. For example, if you are dealing with short soybeans, then you need to adjust the cutter bar to push it to the lowest possible level. Particularly with dry and short soybeans, the reel auger also needs to be changed to prevent grain damage. This also ensures that soybean stems are fed into the feeder section of the combine smoothly and without any issues.

Do a Routine Checkup

Another essential aspect that needs to be remembered when it comes to John Deere 9500 combine soybean settings is that farmers need to have a routine check on the condition of the combine and its parts inside.

Notably, the cutter blades, knives, wear plates, sickle sharpness and ledges need to be checked regularly to see if they are in the best shape and need to be replaced immediately if there is any sign of damage in them. It is also advisable to keep spare parts handy at all times so that any damage to these parts doesn’t stop the harvesting process.

Other adjustments

Other adjustments that need to be made in the John Deere9500 combine soybean settings are:

• Combine operators and farmers need to ensure that the guards are correctly adjusted and the header is set at the correct angle as mentioned in the user manual

• Ensure that the feeder house position is set correctly that it is in the correct angle to the header for a productive crop feed into the feeder house

• Another important thing that the farmers need to check is whether the bearing, chains, nuts, bolts, and other parts are lubricated in the manner for the smooth functioning of the harvester.

• Farmers also need to keep a note of the last service date and have the combine harvester serviced and maintained properly.

I hope the above article about John Deere 9500 combine soybean settings provided you with all the information needed. Please write your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.