Explore A to Z Features of John Deere Combine Models

People can imagine in a way that how John Deere Combine has changed the lives of farmers. Well, it is for better now that when harvesting season is around the corner, farmers won’t have to worry. The highly developed machine is the piece of quality and dedication which is constantly moving towards innovation. The convenient machine has helped several farmers around the world and the company John Deere has become the global leader.

It is necessary to understand the true value of a machine before going to buy it. It is best if you break the top features of John Deere Combine and list them out. This can give you a better idea of whether to make a decision to buy it.

Feature 01: Adjustment

In the John Deere Combine machine, you will find:

• Grain damage is no longer an issue when the harvest season comes. The Interactive Combine Adjustment feature, an easy solution based on harvesting priorities can be found.

• The machine will automatically make the adjustment settings based on the recommendation on certain areas like:

Grain Cleanliness

Grain Damage

Straw Quality and Condition

Feature 02: Best Power Mode

The power teaches engine in John Deere Combine is equipped with stage 4 technology which ensures that the machine cane is able to get the job done easily. For off-highway applications, different liter options are designed. Addition to it, you can get:

• Low pressure and High-pressure inclusion in turbochargers

• Improved performance

• Guaranteed responsiveness

Feature 03: Cleaning System

One of the S-series compliant John Deere Combine is well-equipped with the cleaning system of Dyna-Flow Plus. It offers improved performance, even distribution, increased capacity to large design, 2-stage pre-cleaning etc. The feature has led to:

• 10% of the increase in machine’s capacity in corn

• 13% increase in canola and wheat

• Tailing reduced by 28% results in increased speed and increased productivity

Feature 04: Drapers

In the S-series combines, 700FD HydraFlex drapers are available and an optional 18” top-crop auger. It allows the operator to effectively handles the crops like canola which can be fed into combine smoothly. Additional features are:

• Optional seal kit which helps in reducing section losses by 45%

• Draper belt system

• Belt with symmetrical design

Using the Draper platform in John Deere Combine, operators can remain assured that they will not be going to spend the time cleaning the debris.

Feature 05: Emission System

Agencies have started to put emphasis on different types of emissions from the engine. It comes under environmental regulation, there are mainly 4 types: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons. A smart exhaust filter is being used along with the catalytic reduction in combines.

This feature provides:

• Reduction of noise

• Improved performance at high-altitude

• Active filter cleaning

• Great machine productivity

It converts the nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and water vapour. PM is generated from ultra-low sulfur diesel. Stage IV system in combine meets all the regulations which require a reduction of 80% in the emission of nitrogen oxide.

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