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John Deere Combine Settings for Best Results

The farming process is considered successful when the last stage of harvesting also gets done efficiently. In earlier days, harvesting involved a lot of time and labor. However, the use of modern farm equipment produced by reputed companies like John Deere has revolutionized the whole process. To achieve the best results we must ensure that the John Deere Combine settings are carried out properly and systematically.

Importance of the right kind of John Deere Combine settings

John Deere combine, as the name indicates, is not a single machine but a number of machines working as one unit and carrying out different aspects of harvesting in an efficient manner. It is therefore important that each such component is made functional by providing the correct settings. A very important principle to follow is that any kind to adjustment dome to get the right setting must be done only one at a time.

A few general tips/principles about John Deere combine settings:

The first important aspect of setting involves deciding on the ground speed operation of the combine. The operator needs to fix this based on his personal convenience level.

When it comes to the header, we need to make sure that the load across the entire width of the sieve is equal. The material should be split equally between the rotor and sieves for efficient separation. Both the right and left side of the machine should be utilized well.

If we find that the combine is not feeding the crop smoothly, the feed accelerator roller positioned at the top of the feeder house is operating in the fast position. Likewise, if we notice combine rotor loss, the concaves should be raised. The rotor speed should be adjusted and the grain loss monitor checked.

In case, there is a problem with the combine sieve, the sieves should be set in a more open position and the fan speed increased. If the grain sample shows unthreshed heads, we should close the concave slightly or fit extra concave blanking bands.

If the headers have retractable fingers in the auger, the feeder House chain should be set in an upward position. If not, the chain should be down.

The stripping rotor should be run as slow as possible to remove the grain from the head well. The speed of the header auger should be pre-determined and always under 200 rpm.

The concave and the rotor are two components that have very important correlated function and become crucial when we are harvesting corn with high moisture. The setting should provide for using round bars.

As a general principle, initial setting clearance of the concave should be equal to the diameter of the cob. If the concave clearance is too much or too less, the grain may get cracked or broken.

These days, the company has in place even a Mobile App for additional guidelines and troubleshooting tips about John Deere Combine settings for the benefit of the customers.


The John Deere Combine, maintained and operated with proper settings, can lead to very good productivity as well as good grain quality and minimal loss of grains. The farmer just needs to follow the guidelines provided in the operator’s manual and other sources to ensure a successful harvesting experience.

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