combine concaves

Why XPR Concaves are the Best Choice for Harvesting Crops

A combine harvester is used for harvesting crops that are fully grown and need to be removed from the soil for use. There are machines like the combine harvesters that help farmers harvest large acres of crops in a fast and efficient way. Combine harvesters perform farming activities like threshing, reaping and winnowing. There are different types of crops and the technology is improving every day to make the concaves used in the combine harvesters more reliable and more sophisticated. XPR concaves are the number one choice for harvesting crops as there are many benefits of using these types of concaves on the combine harvesters. The following are some of the advantages of XPR concaves:

Advantages of XPR Concaves


•With larger bars, XPR concaves have a larger threshing area, which makes the concaves more effective. All types of crops, even crops like wheat which are difficult to thresh are handled easily in this type of XPR concave.

•Generally, with other concaves, different types of crops need different concaves. However, these XPR concaves thresh all types of crops in the combine harvester. Crops like wheat, barley, corn, oats, rye, flax, soybean, and sorghum are all the different types of crops to name a few that can be harvested using these types of concaves.


•The threshing surface area is much larger in XPR concaves than in other types of concaves. The ground speed of the threshing concaves is faster than other concaves making it more productive.

•More grains are threshed due to the wide surface area at a faster rate. This means more area is covered by the farmer in one day by using the XPR concaves in comparison to other types of concaves. This increases the productivity and profitability of the farming operation.

Grain Damage

•The material on material threshing is maximized in XPR concaves as this helps maintain the quality of grain and reduce the grain damage during threshing.

•The quality of the grain is far better as the grain on steel threshing is minimized and there are lesser cracks, splits, and fines on individual grains.

•Better quality grain output with minimized grain damage helps the farmers produce top quality crops which get a better price in the market.

Rotor Loss

•The combine harvesters, rotor loss are a huge problem faced by farmers. Rotor loss is the crop yield that spits out the back of the rotor combines. The type of concaves determines the type of rotor loss faced by the farmers.

•XPR concaves do not completely stop all rotor loss but in comparison to other farming concaves, rotor loss with these concaves is much lesser than other types of farming concaves.

•Profitability increases if rotor loss is minimized and this is applicable for almost all types of different crops. This makes the XPR concaves a profitable investment in the long run.

The above-mentioned advantages of XPR concaves make it a better choice for farmers to harvest different types of crops and make farming a much more profitable business.