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A Guide to using the John Deere Concave 9500

The combine harvester, when used along with the right concave combine parts, can produce the best results. It can enhance productivity and help the farmer carry out the harvesting operations in the most effective way. Improved quality, higher yield, and an overall improvement in productivity are the reasons why farmers use concave combines. One of the most popular concaves used in harvesting is John Deere Concave 9500. This is a concave part that is helpful for use in the harvest of soybean. The following is a guide to the use of this concave combine.

Using the Concave for Soybean

Soybean is one of the crops that the USA produces the most in the world. It is a nutritious legume from which soymilk is produced. Considering its place in the agriculture sector, it is no surprise that the John Deere Company has a specific part the John Deere Concave 9500 that is used in the harvest of soybean. The part needs to be fixed to the combine harvester and used when soybean is being harvested. There are specific settings that need to be done to ensure the best results. These settings ensure the harvester works in the right way producing the right results.

The Settings the Farmer Should Know

If you are a farmer and using the John Deere Concave 9500 for soybean harvesting, then it is important that you are aware of the settings to be used, so you get the best results. The best way to get to know the settings is from the user manual that comes with the concave. It has a comprehensive section on settings to be used with step-by-step instructions. It tells you settings that you need to use for each crop clearly.

The following information will be helpful to farmers while making settings for the John Deere Concave 9500:

• The settings need to be made in accordance with the crop condition. The field and crop situation in each field can be different and it may call for different settings. For example, if you are harvesting soybeans that are short and dry, then you need to change the reel auger, so that there is no damage to the crop and the stems enter the feed section smoothly.

• The header needs to be set at the correct angle as mentioned in the manual. This is important and you need to check it before you start harvesting.

• The feeder house position settingis important and it must be at a correct angle w.r.t the header to ensure proper crop feed.

• Lubrication of all parts needs to be verified before starting harvesting. This prevents any problems you may face.

• The cutter blades, sickle, and other parts also need to be checked to see if they are sharp so they produce the best result.

The above information would have helped you get a clear picture of how to use settings for the concave 9500 for soybean harvesting. Remember that if in doubt, refer the manual so you don’t go wrong.

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