Case IH combine harvesters

The Unique Features and Benefits of A Case IH Harvester

The Case IH harvester is farming equipment used to mechanize farming work. This is part of the various types of equipment that can be used in farming to help the farmer. The equipment allows farmers to save manpower and time. Farmers needed to use physical effort for farming. When the farms were large, they needed to use labor, which was expensive. The time taken would also be more. All these led to expenses for the farmer. The use of equipment has proved to be very beneficial for the farmers. The harvester is one of the most important equipments used in farms.

The Case IH harvester is a combine harvester from the Case IH Company, one of the most reputed companies in the world that manufacture farm machinery. The harvester combines three harvesting processes, namely reaping, winnowing, and threshing. All these processes can be done together using the combine harvester. This speeds up work and makes it more efficient. The harvesters from the Case company are known for having innovative features that can be enhanced through the use of the concaves.

Features and Benefits

The Case IH harvester has many innovative features that are unique. These features make the work of the farmer more effective. These features ensure that the harvester brings in more advantages. The features are advantages of Case IH are explained below:

1) It is now possible to harvest more than one crop using the same combine. You need not have separate combine harvesters for each crop. Just by changing combine settings, crops can be harvested easily.

2) Separation of the crop grain from the stalk and chaff is now more efficient with this harvester. This ensures the grain is cleaner, thus improving the quality of the crop.

3) The harvester has a cooling system that makes the harvester more efficient.

4) Fuel efficiency is higher. This allows the farmer to work for a longer time without needing to interrupt the process for refueling.

5) The harvester has a higher capacity engine with more power and better performance. This ensures better results and the equipment is more durable. Maintenance of the harvester is also easier.

6) Crop loss, which is a major problem is reduced with the use of this machine. Reducing crop loss helps improve quality.

7) The auger bed of this harvester is larger, allowing the harvester to work at a higher efficiency level.

8) One of the most innovative features is the side hill compensation system. This is one more feature to improve efficiency. This allows maximum gran to flow through so that the overall productivity is enhanced.

9) The machine can be operating in spread mode without needing to stop it or get down from the equipment. This saves time.

10) The entire process happens faster thus reducing time.

The Case IH harvester is a rotary harvester with many features that offer benefits to farmers. The use of this harvester allows farmers to improve the efficiency of the harvesting process. This allows them to earn more profit.