Case Combine

Why Case Combine Harvesting is a boon for farmers

Every year millions of farmers around the world produce and harvest different type of crops. To make sure that they are able to cut down the time spent on different processes like plowing, irrigation, and harvesting etc. they use different types of tools. These tools not only help in reducing the time spent on each process but also help in producing the best quality crops.

The main tool that the farmers use for the processes is the harvester. This machine can help them in harvesting different type of crops in less span of time. Also as there is only one machine that is used to complete the whole harvesting process, the cost of harvesting also comes down. The case combine harvesting is designed for specific crops and can help the farmer to thresh or separate any type of product from the byproducts with ease.

Case Combine is an innovative machine that uses the advanced technique for farming. It requires less labor and time. It is a form of a rotary harvester. Farmers can harvest a wide range of grains and other raw material with this machine and it is used all over the world.

Features of Case Combine Harvester

● Designed by a single rotor technology.

● Simplifies harvesting technology.

● The capacity of having more grains to harvest.

● Better fuel efficiency and no need to refill the tank while on the field working.

● Has a cooling system and rotating wand which allows the cooling effect to the engine and increases the efficiency of the engine.

● Maximum horsepower engine allowing work to be done in high level.

● Continuously transfer the power to the rotor and the feeder.

Benefits of Case combine-

Adequate harvesting with low soil disturbance and better flotation.

Ride of a tank is very smooth and easy rotation of tanks by the rider.

Best equipment to get maximum result with minimum pressure or workload.

Buying and repairing cost of the machine is low, having high efficiency.

Things to keep in mind while buying case combine-

1. Get proper knowledge of the brands- As various brands are available in the market, it is important to analyze which is the best fit for you. If your machine will not work on time, it is simply a loss of the money. So it’s better to get reviews of the machine from the market or various users before buying it.

2. Comfortable to use- It is important that the machine you are buying or bought, you understand the functions properly to use it on the field. In this era of competition, we designed our machine user-friendly so they can be used easily for the purposes.

3. The processor according to crops- Different machines having different shapes are used for different types of crops. So it’s important for you to analyze that the machine you are purchasing has the processor according to your crops.

4. Get the right type of tires- On case combine, different types of devices are used with the processors. Tires must be in accordance with the total weight of machine and crops.

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