Why Should Combine Harvester Be Used In Your Farm?

Are you growing different types of crops on your farm? Then you must be worried about how to reap them. The most convenient method of doing this by using John Deere combine. Let us know what the use of this combine harvester is. It is a single machine that can be used to reap, thresh and winnowing the grains of different varieties. Let us know how it works.

How does combine harvester works?

The wide header at the front of the harvester gathers the crop into the combine machine. The reel then pushes the crops towards the cutter blade which slices the crop to the base. The grain then goes to the threshing drum by means of a conveyer belt. Over here the grains are separated from the stalks. The grains are then collected in a separate drum. The drum is then emptied into a trailer by a side pipe. Isn’t it amazing that a single machine can do so many jobs and that too without any human intervention?

Types of combine harvesters

The harvester can be fitted with different heads for different crop and the same harvester can be used for harvesting different crops. Standard grain platform is used for wheat and the flex one for soybeans. There are special types of combines which are fitted with mud trucks that are used for harvesting rice. If the terrain of your farm is hilly then there are combine harvesters that are fitted with special hydraulic systems that make it at a level while harvesting.

Why use combine harvesters?

•    Decrease in loss and gain in money is the main reason why you should be using a harvester of this type. Rotor loss happens in the case of corns, soybeans and wheat but with the introduction of improved thrashing and separating system this rotor loss has been accounted for and there is practically no loss of this nature. This means you can have more grains off the field and earn more.

•    Best in quality is another reason for its usage. The new thrashing and separating system address all thrashing and separating issues and is the number one in the market. By introduction of round bars, more crop flow is ensured through the concave.

The John Deere combine has been made unique by the introduction of these features and it is really helpful to use it if you have to make a combined harvest.