John Deere Combine

The Specialties Of Combine Harvesters

If you are trying to purchase a combine harvester then you must know the specialties of those so that you can have the best. There is various such specialty that makes JD Combine the best that you can have. Let us see some of those so that we can have a clear understanding.

Combine heads

These combine harvesters are equipped with heads that can be removed and fitted with different ones that can be used. The standard header has knives attached to it which cut the crops from the field and then a revolving reel pushed the crop to be thrashed. It is used for various crops like legumes and grains. Again the wheat header is a similar type but is not equipped with teeth.

Dummy heads are attached to heavy rubber belt. It is used for harvesting crops that are already cut and they can be thrashed using this head. It also has the capability to kill the weeds so that the crops dry up quickly. The grain platform is generally used for harvesting grains. It improves the efficiency of the machine as it separates the ear from the stalk and thrashes the crops perfectly. There are self- propelled heads that not only harvests the crop but thrashes the same and loads them into a separate truck running alongside.


These combines are fitted with means by means of which you can level the machine while you are harvesting in the side of a hill. This leveling mechanism has many advantages. It increases the thrashing capability of the machine. If the machine is not leveled then the crop and the straw is not separated properly and many crops are left on the field but if it is leveled then this does not happen. Leveling changes the gravity center of the machine and does not allow it to fall while working on the side of a hill.

Thrashing speed

The speed of the machine can be varied keeping the thrashing speed same. This is helpful when there is mud in the field and the machine cannot move so fast. The moving speed is reduced but the thrashing speed is kept the same, the machine move slowly but the efficiency of trashing is kept the same for best result.

These combine harvesters are unique machines that are of immense help to farmers. You can use John Deere Combine for doing all the work after growing the crop and earn more.