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XPR2 Concave from the best Combine Parts Manufacturer

Farmers using the John Deere and Case IH combines would find the XPR2 concave an extremely useful piece of equipment. The XPR 2 concave made by one of the best Combine parts manufacturers (Estes Performance Concaves) offers multiple benefits to the farmer. The use of equipment has made the work of a farmer easy. The XPR 2 concave is one of the most useful innovations that have helped farmers across the world. With this concave, a farmer can look forward to improved profitability and end up with more money in their pockets.

Why use the XPR2 concave?

The XPR2 concave made by one of the most reputed combine parts manufacturers makes the concave system for the combine harvester more powerful. This concave system does not offer one or two benefits but has multiple benefits. The 2 in XPR 2 stands for the enhanced version of the popular XPR system. It offers more advantages for farmers.

The following are some of the benefits of using the XPR 2 concave made by one of the top combine parts manufacturers:

1) One concave system installed on the combine can handle multiple crops. There is no need to have multiple concaves. This saves time and money for the farmer. The crops that can be harvested using this system include corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, canola, millet, radish, field beans, peas, lentils, sunflowers, rye, and many more.

2) The concave adds 30% more horsepower to the combine. This helps in improving productivity during harvesting. The increased ground speed is a great time saver.

3) One of the biggest benefits is that the XPR 2 concave has 70% more capacity. This allows increased productivity. It is estimated that the system can deliver more than 5000 bushels in an hour.

xpr 2 concave
All New XPR 2

4) Another significant benefit is the ability of this system to stop rotor loss. One of the major problems farmers face is rotor loss. This can lead to grain damage and poorer yield. The XPR 2 cuts down on wastage and improves the quality of yield.

5) The system works in such a way that it threshes with the capacity of round-bar concaves but works like small-wire concaves.

6) Improved quality is ensured as the system can eliminate cracks and splits in the grains.

7) The perforated cover plates in this system improve the threshing process. This ensures there are no whitecaps and pods. All these lead to improved yield and quality.

8) Saving of time, improvement in quality, increased yield are all directly related to the profitability for a farmer. The XPR 2 can help the farmer earn more. Improved quality helps the farmer in getting higher revenue. All this leads to more money in the pocket. A one-time investment on the XPR 2 system from one of the best combine parts manufacturers can improve the bottomline.

The benefits listed out show the value the XPR 2 concave adds to the harvesting process. It is a piece of equipment that farmers must consider using to experience all its benefits.

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