How XPR2 Concave Is a Game Changer In The World Of Combine Harvester? 

Do you want to invest in combine concave this harvesting season? If yes, then just be ready to upgrade your farm equipment with a premium class of newly introduced XPR2 concave. The refinement of the concave through the introduction of the XPR2 dominates the performance due to its ability to thresh all crops. The combine harvester maintains industry-leading performance, providing the top-class threshing, the highest capacity, and a long-lasting feature. Apart from that farmers can now thresh hard wheat in just a single minute, moisture-laden corn in the next minute, everything with the same component.

Striking Feature of XPR2 Combine Concave

The XPR2 bar is developed on the first-gen series line, specifically created for maximizing the threshing contact with grains and keeping the rotor full for facilitating the threshing just like this small wire concave.

Some Of The Striking Features Of XPR2 Concave Include:

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Superior threshing Since there is restricted flow, it leads to the most efficient grain threshing yielding superior quality and cleaner samples.

  • Progressively open

It is capable of unloading the concave fast, leading to the capturing of more grains rather than being lost out towards the back.

  • Round bar surface

It comprises around 135% greater threshing surface area and ten times better threshing in comparison to the round bar. Despite this innovative feature, still it is not requiring plugging.

This xpr2 Concave Brings Significant Improvement In Grain Quality

So, apart from being able to thresh enormous varieties of crops including wheat, barley, corn, and soybean to name a few, this concave is bringing significant improvement in grain quality. This is due to no significant damage to the grain or its kernel. The seeds obtained are impeccable and the farmer will undoubtedly see and, at the same time, feel the difference. Also, when you are utilizing this new concave, you do not need to worry about enhancing the load on the tractor. So, despite the addition of the concave, the tractor will operate towards an increased horsepower of around 20-35%.

The XPR2 Concave Is Launched By Pioneering Combine Concave Harvester Brand

The XPR2 concave is launched by the pioneering combine harvester brand Estes Performance Concave for both John Deere and Case IH combines. The company is fully committed to delivering the most innovative and top-performing combine harvester. In fact, the leading brand never stops innovating, testing, and simultaneously creating success after success till every grain kernel ends in the grain tank of the farmer. So, in case you are a farmer who is on the verge of upgrading the combine harvester, then all new & top performing XPR2 concave is simply the solution.

Upgrade Combine Harvester With All New And Top Performing XPR2 Concave!

Thus, get ready to enhance the grain capacity, eliminate cracked, damaged grains, remove rotor loss, enhance ground speed, and everything by utilizing less horsepower & never to change concave.

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